Monday, October 15, 2007

Isaac's Memorial

God's Delightful Gift
Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin

August 25, 1975 - September 29, 2007

Our most beloved man of the hour.
Isaac and his precious, adored wife, Susan Marie Goodwin.

Isaac with his son, Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin II. A delight to our hearts.

Isaac with his daughter, Brenna McKinley Goodwin. A joyful breath of fresh air.
Isaac and his great father, Daniel Lester Goodwin.
He and his loving Mother, Julia Ann Stone.

He and his step-father, Michael Joseph James Stone.

Isaac and his dear, oldest "kid-sister", Anna Grace Stone.

Isaac with his next gal, Emily Rachael Stone.
Isaac and his baby sis, Olivia Cristine Stone

Memorial to Isaac:

Our beloved son and brother, Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin, succumbed to injuries received when he failed to negotiate a curve while riding his Suzuki Bandit motorcycle in Sacramento, California on Thursday, September 27, 2007. After valiant efforts by the trauma unit at Roseville Sutter Hospital in Roseville, California to resuscitate Isaac, the extensive injuries to his brain, heart, lungs and spleen were more than from which his poor body could recover. The surgeon described his accident as “non-survivable”, and their most heroic efforts to save our dear one failed...on Saturday, the 29th of September, 2007, Isaac was received into Glory with our Heavenly Father.

Isaac is survived by his dear wife, Susan Goodwin, his son, Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin II (8 1/2-years-old), his daughter, Brenna McKinley Goodwin (7-years-old); his father and step-mother, Daniel and Debbie Goodwin; his mother and step-father, Julia and Michael Stone; his three sisters, Anna Grace, Emily Rachael and Olivia Christine Stone; his paternal grandmother, Nelda Goodwin; his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather,Margaret and Gene Wilbanks, and his maternal grandfather and step-grandmotherWalter and Cheryl Fitz.

Isaac means “laughter” and Nathaniel means “gift of God”. Isaac grew into his name and brought delight to everyone he, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. Not only was he a gift to his family, but also to all who knew him in this life. The recipients of his liver, a 7-year-old boy and a 50-year-old person, and the recipients of his kidneys, an 8-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl must believe their miracle of life was the greatest sacrifice made by another person. Since Isaac's homegoing, we have witnessed miraculous assurances of God’s love and mercy being poured out on us. We remember the consolations the Lord has given us during this time and are especially thankful that we were able to go visit Isaac and his family July 31st through August 9th of this year. We had a wonderful time of laughter, delight, reminiscing, and bonding. Please don't presume that you have what the Lord lays on your heart today. Live every minute so that you do not have any regrets, for God is Sovereign, and He numbers our days.

We have sweet, poignant, constant memories at this time, and although we are confident that we will be met at the gates of Glory someday by Isaac, our tears continue to flow freely as we come to grips with this physical loss. The past is replayed trusting in God's Sovereignty, the present is faced by casting our cares on Him, and the anticipated future is grieved knowing that God is our Sole Provider. God is giving us the grace moment by moment to endure, and we trust that He will continue to reveal His purpose for Isaac’s life and death to us. As his mother, I believe God will continue to bless Isaac’s testimony.

Our deep thanks for all of your prayers during these difficult days...we have been upheld on the wings of prayer, and God's love has been a shelter in this storm. Please continue to pray for all who have been touched by Isaac's passing...we're all grieving in different ways. We understand that Isaac belongs to the Lord and we were given the gift of having him in our lives for 32 years. Now he is Home - being loved more perfectly than he ever has been, understanding all the whys and seeing our Lord face to face. We love him and always will.

The days preceding Isaac's viewing, interment, and California memorial service were filled with what seemed like a million details, emotional strain, and prayer...more than I could ever have imagined. Susan continues to have so very many details to attend to in California and her family and friends are helping her every step of the way, but she will continue to need our prayers and support. Until now, I did not comprehend the powerful impact of a phone call, a card, a meal, a word of encouragement, a hug or a smile to one in shock and bereavement. Thank you so much to all who have contributed in any way...every single expression of concern and love ministers in ways unspeakable to us.

A memorial service will be held for Isaac Nathaniel Goodwin on October 20th. If you are able to attend, you are welcome to join us in remembering our years with Isaac and his homegoing to our Heavenly Father.

Being held in God's loving arms,

Michael, Julia, Anna, Emily and Olivia Stone

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