Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adam and Peter's Suprise Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had the distinct honor of attending the surprise 15th birthday of a set of twins, Adam and Peter. What a nice time we had celebrating another year of these young men's lives.

Here is the mother of the birthday boys, sweet Mrs. Krause. She loves taking pictures so this is what she looked like a great deal of the time. *hehe* ;)
And here is the boys father, Mr. Krause. In this picture he just finished tying off a tarp covering on their trailer.

L-R: Paulina, Adam, and Peter. The latter two are the reason for the birthday party, aka-birthday boys. :)

Here we find Jean Marie swinging our dear Olivia around. "Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!" :D
A wonderful mother/daughter pair, smiling for the camera.

Here is daddy faithfully tending to the cooking hot dogs. It smelled delicious! :P
Yummy barbacued meat!! *mmm*

The bug we find on Peter's hand used to be on Emily's shoulder. Needless to say she wasn't all that happy about the setup. :D

And I leave you with a pictures of my hand-print on our brown paper tablecloth. Exciting, huh? :)

Thank you dear Krause family for inviting us to a wonderful birthday party and time of fellowship! God bless you all!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Tribute to Timmy

A low rumble is heard in the distance. With astonishing realization, the inhabitants of Tiny Town realize what doom is lurking in their vicinity!!!!!!!!!!!! *dramatic music*

This villainous beast looks rather harmless at first until he sets about his dastardly deeds. Who is this foul fiend? you may ask.............................da dum da dum da da!........................

Run citizens of Tiny Town.......RRRRUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Haha, just kidding. The little kitty you saw in the previous pictures is really very sweet. His name is Timmy and I'm sure he would never disturb a 'Tiny Town' as portrayed in the pictures. Just thought I'd let you know in case your were worried about the little people. :D
Here he is sweetly sleeping!
He loves taking pictures with Olivia. Don't you think he could be a 'calendar kitty'? :D What a sweet pair! ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Liesure Time with the Sanders

Hello All!
I'm posting these pictures with not enough time to add captions. I hope you all enjoy them anyway. Perhaps I will come back later and give a brief description of each photo...maybe. :)
Well, as the Americans say, "Bye!" (wow...that was random :)

Friday, May 11, 2007


Said in an ominous voice!

Fun with the Sanders :)

Our first day with the Sanders began with a chicken 'dis assembly' line. Boy was that interesting and fun in a slightly yucky sort of way! *grin* We learned the process of cleaning chickens from start to finish. The 'in between stuff' was a little icky though. :)

Here we are, learning how to clean the chickens. L-R: Noah, Grace, Dad, Mrs. Sanders, Mom, Rebekah, Abbi, Anna (me :), Emily, oh...and Molly (the dog). I think this picture is funny because Mom is right in there video-taping the whole ordeal while Emily is way off to the right making sounds that evidence her 'squeamishness'. :D
Here are the yummy...oh, um...poor little chickens, waiting to fulfill their purpose. : /
Here they are again...Scalding time...
Grace is pulling out the lungs here and...there's my mom again...catching every move on video. *smirk*
Now it's my turn to remove the offal (sp?) from the chicken. Doesn't that look like fun?! : / (Offal is pronounced awful...I wonder why? :)
I am so proud of Emily! She is the very squeamish one in the family, and performed this task with...relative...ease. Three cheers for Emily...Hip-Hip-Hooray...!!!!!
Let me take a moment to congratulate Mrs. Sanders on her 'presentable' bird. What a swell job! :D
And Dad finishing the 'disassemly' line. Yum!
And now you know how to disassemble a chicken! Neat, huh? :)
Hopefully later today I will post some more 'normal' pictures of our time with the Sanders family! :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Suprise Tea...

My Family threw a surprise tea for my 18th birthday. It was a wonderful gift in itself!

Here is the food we ate. *Yum* There were scones, lemon-poppy seed muffins, apricots with raspberry cream cheese, cucumber and tuna sandwiches, all the fruit you see we dipped in the chocolate fondue, and lots of delicious apple cake!!!! I'm getting hungry just reminiscing about all the treats!! :P
Here are pictures of all the tables. L-R: Anna (friend), Jean Marie (friend), Paulina (friend), and Emily (sister). Great friends (and sister :)!
And now we find table #2, L-R: Mrs. Krause (Paulina's mom), Mrs. Galke (a mentor of mine), Mrs. Morrison (a wonderful lady), Mrs. Fambrough (Jean Marie's mom), and Mrs. McFarland (my Latin teacher). All of these ladies came to the tea and shared some words of wisdom with me for reference in my years to come! Wasn't that nice?!?!?!
Introducing my table, L-R: Honey (my grandmother), Mrs. Akins (a long time church friend), Me (the birthday girl :), and Sharon (another friend :). The ladies from this table also shared a word of wisdom.
Here I am with a lovely journal from Mrs. Morrison. I am trying to keep it faithfully so that I can read through it again someday and see how I've grown over the years.
Olivia took this picture (a nice one, no?) of a necklace my Aunt Kim gave me and she (Olivia) also got my ring in the picture. My daddy gave me the thin ring with the stones that day after he gave me his charge, which was accompanied by a trickle of tears. I love my dad so much!
Here I am, fiddling with a paper from Mrs. Blizzard. She wasn't able to come :( but she did send along a letter of what she would have told me had she been there.
In this picture mom gave me 2 bolts of fabric that I absolutely love!! I hope to spend a couple of days sometime soon to sew a dress with her from the fabric. That will be so fun!!!! (Danielle is in the lower left-hand corner)

Jean Marie went a little overboard in her description of me...think you not? *hehe* "Love You, Jean!!!!" :D
In this picture I pulled out the card that was in the envelope above. Jean Marie has the habit of completely filling up cards with her writing to the person she is giving the card to. She had out-done herself this time by even writing all over the back of the card as well. That is the reason for look on my face...I was looking at Jean, laughing because of the amount of writing she could fit on that card! "Thank you Jean, it makes the card very special!" ;)

My Aunt Kim was the 'official' photographer/movie person (i don't know what else to call it ;) and when I can get a picture c.d. from her, I'd like to put up a group picture and a picture of each lady with a quote from their words of wisdom.

Thank you Dad, Mom, Emily, Olivia, and everyone else that helped!!! It was a wonderful tea that I shall NEVER forget! Love you all!

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