Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barberville Spring Frolic 2008

Hey everyone,

I'm updating you about the Barberville Spring Frolic we attended this past weekend, April 26-27. We had a wonderful time jamming, dancing, listening to bands, learning about all sorts of instruments/types of bluegrass music, meeting new people... etc. :)
The Spring Frolic was hosted at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. The buildings were so unique and beautifully old! Sorry that we don't have many pictures. The memory on mom's camera was almost full when we got there and we really didn't want to take a ton of time to clear pics off. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy...!

I will begin my post with a random picture of a peacock! :) Not only were we at a pioneer settlement, but it appeared to be a zoo/farm as well! LOL!

Here is the first group we got pictures of :) Jubal's Kin. L-R: Gailanne (fiddle, banjo), Roger(guitar, mandolin), and Jeffrey Amundsen (bass).

Gailanne and Roger playing "Blackberry Blossom"

And... a flower setup mom really liked :)

Here we see myself, Olivia, and Anna preparing to enter the old school house. This is the only "posed" picture that was taken of us :)

Anna and Olivia contra dancing together, here shown promenading.

I sat this round out, so I was able to take a few neat shots of everyone dancing. In this pic, you can see all my lovely family...

The Morse Family band. L-R: Matthew: Fiddle, banjo, guitar, Leah: Fiddle, Abigail: Guitar, Seth: Guitar, Aaron: Mandolin, Dawn (mother): Mandolin, bass

Coty Granatosky and the Men of the House perform "Tammlin"

LOL (lots of lawnmowing) just like the good old days!

A sweet display of affection between the sound man and his wife...

Anna, Mrs. Kricket, and Seamus Chalmers jamming with a big group

Mr. Ty Chalmers and his wife, Marguerite

Anna and Mrs. Kricket

Mr. David, Anna, Mrs. Kricket, and Seamus playing "The Ashokan Farewell"

All in all we had a wonderful time at the Spring Frolic and hope to go back for the Fall Jamboree!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Yearbook Pictures

We recently had pictures taken for the homeschool group we are a part of. Below are the Stone Ladies photos. Many thanks to Mrs. Krause for organizing and coordinating the event!

Anna - Grade 12 - Senior

Emily - Grade 11 - Junior

Olivia - Grade 7 - Middleschooler :)

We had a jolly time fellowshipping with some dear friends, long after the pictures were taken. They are all such a blessing!

Barberville Spring Frolic

Hello Everyone!
On April 26-27, our family will be attending a Spring Frolic.
"What is that," you may ask.
Let me tell you about it. It is a family-friendly music festival. The days will be filled with live music, barn style dancing (and classes), music workshops, jam sessions, a crankin' A model car show, and much more. We are really looking forward to this 'frolic'. The reason for our posting this is so we can invite our blog viewers to attend this festival (if you would like :). The information for the frolic can be found on the links below...or...if you have great eyesight, you can read the information on this teeny tiny flyer (only jesting). :D

We greatly look forward to attending our first music festival as a family and seeing what the Lord will do in our lives through this experience together.

http://www.floridafolkmusic.org/springfling2008.htm (this link takes you directly to the flyer shown)
There are also camp sites available in the area. We plan to pitch camp for the weekend.
If any of you out there plan to come, we would love to hear from you about it!
May the grace of our Lord overshadow you.

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