Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hungry Goats + Oranges = Full Bellies

I think the title pretty much speaks for itself. :)

Ooo, y'all...lookie, lookie!!!!! :P

Mmm...simply scrumptious!
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All lookers on are now beholding their first sight of Super Goat.

Yum yum!
Alas, poor little Nellie, this is our only goat that does not care for oranges. I'm so sorry for her, I am.


Packin' up

Hey...where're you goin'?????

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'Tis the Season...for Cleaning!

On Friday last, Emily and I trekked over to Honey and Pa Pa's for some good ole fashioned cleanin'. What a blast was had!

A spectacular sunrise...this is our view just outside the porch. Sigh...
Florida Winter-Footwear
To Grandmother's house we go...

Emily and Pa Pa filling up a bucket with water for cleansing the cabinets.
Grandpa, turning on the heater for us chilled Florida gals.

Cleaning cabinets requires precision, high-tech tools...such as:
A wash cloth and basin filled with warm, sudsy water.

Simply submerge the cloth in the drink, give it a good swishing, and ring out the excess liquid.

Three cheers for the wash rag! One of a Domestic Engineer's best friends. Hurrah!
A gentle wiping regimen is all your cabinets need to keep them performing beautifully!
Make sure you reach wwaaaayyyyy back in the corners to keep them squeaky clean.

Vacuuming is an art. A skill. A necessity...and not for the faint of heart. :)

First one must assemble the sum of parts required for the vacuum's operation.
Back and forth, back and forth. This is the way we clean the floor, clean the floor, clean the floor! LOL!One must also be very careful not to tangle oneself in the hosery of the device. This could cause a considerable loss in sucking power.

Last, but certainly not least, you must never...

...attack the camera person!!


(PS) Whilst cleaning, we stumbled upon some unexpected treasures. Glory be!!!!!!!!

Our discovered beauties included: triple antibiotic ointment (Ooo), a paper clip (Ahh), and a Gold Dollar (wow, something actually valuable!). What jolly finds!

Have a blessedly grand day everyone!!! : D

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season...for a Progressive Dinner!

On the evenin' of Friday, December the 14th, 4 families had the honor of hosting and co-hosting one of three courses of a progressive dinner.

Stop #1 The appetizers were had at the warm home of the Edward Fambrough family. We were graciously served southern style cheese soup, turkey and ham rolls, hot crab dip, fresh citrus (oranges and grapefruit), and cheese crusted olives and hot dogs. The list continues, I am sure, but my memory provides no other details aside from the glorious beverages served. These consisted of mouth waterin' punch, refreshing ice water, and (get this) egg-less eggnog. After hearing the 'egg-less' tid-bit of information, we have thenceforth lovingly referred to the drink as merely Nog. My how original! *HA* What a joy this leg of the progression was! Thank you Fambroughs of Sherwood Estates!

Stop #2 Our next place of consumption was the colorful Paul Krause home. This, the main course, was co-hosted by Mrs. Monica Krause (lady of the manor) and Mrs. Kimberly Morrison. We were presented with an array of delicious foods, such as: chicken cordon bleu, baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rice pilaf, broccoli casserole, squash casserole, sweet potatoe casserole (the exact number of casseroles escapes me momentarily), and raspberry pineapple punch. Oh, nigh unto the brim were we stuffed with their scrumptious concoctions! My tummy sets a'rumblin' just thinkin' back on it! Thank you dear ladies...thy work, once again, exceeds expectation!
Here are a few snapshots from the Krause's home.
A table, set for royalty. Plus or minus a few plates and cups. :)
And we move in...for a closer view.
Now for a rousing game of Chess.
She contemplates...long and hard...making a move with deliberate precision. Pray...who shall emerge victorious??
Mrs. Fambrough and Mrs. Krause, respectively. Smile ladies!! :)

Oh how charming...Paulina and I converse aside a grand piano forte. All the while, Paulina twirls her brother's tie about her finger. Good evenin' Peter! It's glad I am to see you too. Josh is effectively dismissing the camera. Well done.
A family photo shoot always turns out to be a lengthy process.

First, one must strategically place each family member so that their stature and aesthetic qualities appear to their greatest advantage.

Next, a 'Stand In' must be acquired in order to test lighting, composition, among other such trifles. Here, Lady Jean is acting as my understudy in order to properly frame and compose the family portrait. Way to go Milady!
And the final result is a well exposed, cozy Christmas family portrait.

For more tips on Photography Made Easy, tune in next week to........oh...ahem........I'm getting a bit carried away. Sorry. :D

Jean Marie's and my rendition of Grant Wood's painting, American Gothic.

Very innovative, think you not? :D :D

Sadly, we have not pictures of our joyous time spent at the Fambrough's home (Stop #1). Thusly, I shall feebly attempt to paint a word picture for all you readers!

***Imagine, if you will, walking into a cozy hallway from an unlocked garage door. As you glide to the inside, a loverly smell alerts your senses. The aromas of baked cheeses, simmerin' soup, cold cut ham, nog :), and Christian hospitality. A wonderful combination for the "weary" traveler. :D The sight of long-time friends is inviting and creates a jolly atmosphere. One by one you meet your comrades and praise The Almighty for His gift of friends. Laughter wafts through the air. Like sweetness on the tongue, so is the sound of happiness to the ears.***

I hope these words give you at least a glimpse of the merrymaking going on in the abode of the Fambrough family that night.

Stop #3 The Michael Stone residence had the pleasure of hosting the final course of the progressing dinner. We attempted to finish the deed of stuffing our guests. And we did so by way of cruel and unforgiving means: apple crisp, chocolate~mint cookies, walnut tarts, and (the final culprit) peach cobbler. *dramatic music*
"How could you?!?!" you might ask.
"Well, 'twas quite easy and painless," is our reply. "I don't think our victims minded much either." :D

Our decorations consisted mainly of Brazilian pepper berries and branches. Of which we have a plethora.
Walnut tarts...small but very tasty indeed.
The chocolate~mint cookies turned out to be a big hit. Thank goodness for there was a small mountain of them.
And the peach cobbler smelled just peachy. *he he he...ahem*

So begins the sisters photo shoot...
Kimberly and Jean, sweet sisters... Paulina and Emily, sisters in our Lord...
Olivia and I, dear sisters...

Behold! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Diners. Wow, that was cheesey! :)

Josh and Peter reluctantly smile for a snapshot for photo history.

Adam and Matt pontificate (please look it up) whilst eating and strumming. :D


Our three main guitarists: Mr. Fambrough, Mr. Morrison, and Mr. Dad :)
What an expression rich snapshot.
I look deeply concentrated. Paulina seems to have lost her place in the song. And I can only assume that Jean Marie is laughing at Paulina's antics.
Here we find Matthew following with his guitar. Right on down the line we see Mrs. Morrison, Olivia, Adam, and Mrs. Fambrough.
Dad trying out the new, used bass guitar while Mr. Morrison looks on.
Mr. and Mrs. Fambrough share a spot on the sofa while warming up for the evening carols.

Momma and I pause for a picture.

Following the eats and carols, our party partook in some Virginia Reelin'. Sadly, these pictures below were not taken during the exciting event, but merely afore the festivities began. Mayhaps later we shall pilfer pictures of the dance from another's camera. :) That would be grand!

Daddy and Momma breaking in the dancin' turf. I'm not sure if you can see, but there are two rows of tiki torches wrapped with Brazilian pepper. Later, these were set a'lite and we danced merrily up and down betwixt the torches. What fun!
Momma is gesticulating about how we can get the music loud enough for dancing. No worries, we figured somthin' out.
Resting places for the lookers on. The bench to the right is a recycled car seat, doesn't it look comfortable?
Preparing to depart for an evenin' of food, fellowship, and...well...romping!

And a blessed time was had by all! Many thanks to the hospitable families and our gracious Lord!



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