Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our BIG Adventure!

This past Friday (11*13*09) we spent the afternoon "adventuring" around town!
We decided to go around town on the spur of the moment...
A girl day :)

Here are some pictures from our afternoon together.
Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran Tribute

This is a wonderful tribute to our military troops, past and present. It reminds me of how our son and brother, Isaac Goodwin, served in the US Army for eight years. I am so proud of him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This one's for Mom :)

The other day, Mom and I were outside weeding and I called to one of our baby goats.

"How on earth do you remember all their names?!" She asked.

"I don't know... I guess it's like if you name a child you remember it's name. OH! We remember B.B.'s name (our dog) because we say it all the time. You don't talk to the goats as much as we do! I guess that's why you don't know the names."

"Wow. You need to do a blog post, just for me, so I can see the names with pictures!" She suggested.

So, this one's for mom! :)

This is Tillie. Named for our Mimae (French for Grandma)

Precious. Olivia named this one :)

Bruce, our little buckling. Skittish little thang :)

Blaze. This is Bruce's sister. Not as skittish thankfully. As you can see, we never got around do disbudding her. *sigh*

Eunice. No, she doesn't normally look like this, she was just chewing :D

Ronald. His brother's name was Regan :)
This little goatie thinks he's human! Sweetie!

Lois. Eunice's sister :)
Yes, she and Eunice are Precious' babies.

Penelope. We call her Nellie for short, it'd be inconvenient when calling her to have to say "PENELOPE!" everytime :)
Nellie is Blaze and Bruce's mommy.
We think she might be expecting again.

We have another goat, Cornelius, but he's pretty messy right now and didn't want to post a picture of him :)
He's our buck.

So, these are our goats :)
Hope you enjoyed!
God bless,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you say a perfect day for the BEACH!

A few weeks ago Anna, Emily, & I went out to the beach with Jean Marie!
It was so much fun! I hope you enjoy! :D

"We're on our WAY!!! "

It's the ocean! Ya!

Trying to put up the umbrella using our water jug as a sledge hammer. :D

It took us a while. :D

My shadow

My hat & the ocean! For some odd reason I like this picture! :D

Emmy :D

Anna & Jean coming back with the goodies :D

And yes, the umbrella did not stay because of the wind. :D

Here we go again...

I love this picture of Anna!

A man and his wife saw that we were struggling to put up the umbrella, came up to us and asked us if we needed help, and he helped us and the umbrella flew away no longer. :D

de Feet!

The whole gang

Jean said about her cloths, and here it is...
"The only thing I could think of was Victorian, and I stuck to it"

Sandy-footed musician :D

My sand man, Sandy

Bye Sandy... you're all washed up! :)

And a little before this picture was taken, I was bitten by a crab, and I called the crab Charlie. OW CHARLIE! Charlie bit me! :D

On our way home :(

In all it was a most enjoyable day! Spent with a friend, good old fried food, & Charlie! :D

I do love the Beach! :)

God bless!

~Olivia Christine :D

Camp 2009! :) Wahoo!!

My sisters and I had the opportunity of attending the Bible Presbyterian Church annual summer camp in Ocala at Camp Sonlight. It was June 29th-July 4th. Campers had the option to memorize Romans 13 and Ps 119:33-48 to get 50% off the price, or familiarize themselves with it in preparation for the teachings. Surrounded by three teaching sessions a day were games, pool time, study time, and meals. The teaching sessions are so rich with God's word.
There were four teams, Red, Yellow, Blue, & Green with at least 14 kids on each. There are team captains, who are young men, they are number ones, then number twos are young men to, and number threes are girls, then the next a girl, etc. Teams get points from quiz time and games. Daily study time is provided to reflect on the teachings and preparation quiz time.

We had so much fun and learned a lot! God blessed that week a lot! I hope you enjoy! :)

Lydia, Sheph, & me! ON our way!

Wahoo! CAMP!

Steph, me, Rebekah, & Kathleen waiting to be put on teams.
These are the teams we ended up on:
Steph: #6 Yellow, Me: #6 Red, Bekah: #4 Red, Kathleen: #14 Red.

The Steak (Red) team working on their team cheer! Go red! I had an awesome team!
#1 Andy Wann, #2 David, #3 Anna Blizzard, #4 Rebekah Sudlow, #5 Ben Couch, #6 Me, #7 Faith, #8 Paddy Couch, #9 Hannah L, #10 Simon Couch, #11 Ariana, #12 Steven, #13 Emma, #14 Kathleen Wann, #15 Boaz.

It was the 25th year of camp (but the 26th camp) so everyone received matching shirts for the occasion. Girls are in pink and boys in blue, in case you didn't notice. :D

Nathan Blizzard with Emmy
(Yellow team Nathan #2 & Emmy #3)

Bekah Sudlow & me

Isaac, He is so cute!

Zach, Hannah, & Anna goofing around :D

Bob, aka STEAK
(Red team mascot) :) I named him, and it just stuck. :D

Anna :D

My shoe on Sushi
(Green team mascot)

Rebekah Sudlow and I had the same shoes :D
It was not planned :D

There is a really fun game called tennis baseball.
That is what Andy is playing here

Every Friday night the counselors make a great big campfire. Everyone sits around it and tells important things they learned during camp this year. Some shared from past years as well.

The Last Day :'(

Ellie signing my bandanna :) She was so cute!

Ben, Anna, Paddy, they all were on red team.
(Last year they were just a little bit taller then her.) :D




aka my team :D

I was so happy, it was my first time being on a winning team!

Left to Right:

Anna #3, Ben #5, Steven #12, Andy #1, Paddy #8, Me #6, Rebekah #4, Emma #13, Simon #10, Faith #7, Kathleen #14, Boaz #15, & Ariana #11. And the people missing from this picture are... Hanna #9 & David #2.

I had so much fun at camp! I can't wait till next year, and I hope you might join us! :D

**In case you're wondering, we were not allowed to take pics during the teachings.

God bless!

~Olivia Christine


A few months ago we (Mom, Anna, Emily & I) Had the opportunity of going thrift store shopping with our good friends, the Lynns. (Mrs. Lynn, Gabe & Michelle) We had a competition to see who could spend the least amount of money, with only having $20 to spend.

I hope you enjoy it !

The back seat people. (Me, Michelle, & Emmy)

A cool old little bike at one of the thrift stores :)

I like this picture!

Hahaha, Anna!


Me and Michelle, she has a lamp shade on her head... If you were wondering. :D

Half of Michelle face in a mirror, I like this picture to! :D

The gang with the goodies :)

After thrifting we went to eat at taco bell, this is my apple pie. :D

Mrs. Lynn & Mom looking at a driveway :)

( I think the sun looks cool in this picture) :D

My goodies, I spent $14.50

Most of Emmy's goodies, she spent $11.60

Michelle's goodies. $5.00
Sorry I couldn't flip this :(

Gabe's stuff, he spent $2.50

Anna's goodies, she spent $2.60

Sorry I couldn't flip this picture ether. :(

Mrs. Lynn's things. :)

Mrs. Lynn herself! :D

In first with spending only $2.50, GABE!
In second only spending $2.60, Anna!
In third with $5.00, Michelle!
In fourth only spending $11.60, Emily!

And in fifth with spending $14.50, me. :(
I got last place, but I think I got the coolest stuff! :)

And yes we enjoyed it!
I hope you did to!
God bless you!
~Olivia Christine


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