Friday, September 25, 2009

This one's for Mom :)

The other day, Mom and I were outside weeding and I called to one of our baby goats.

"How on earth do you remember all their names?!" She asked.

"I don't know... I guess it's like if you name a child you remember it's name. OH! We remember B.B.'s name (our dog) because we say it all the time. You don't talk to the goats as much as we do! I guess that's why you don't know the names."

"Wow. You need to do a blog post, just for me, so I can see the names with pictures!" She suggested.

So, this one's for mom! :)

This is Tillie. Named for our Mimae (French for Grandma)

Precious. Olivia named this one :)

Bruce, our little buckling. Skittish little thang :)

Blaze. This is Bruce's sister. Not as skittish thankfully. As you can see, we never got around do disbudding her. *sigh*

Eunice. No, she doesn't normally look like this, she was just chewing :D

Ronald. His brother's name was Regan :)
This little goatie thinks he's human! Sweetie!

Lois. Eunice's sister :)
Yes, she and Eunice are Precious' babies.

Penelope. We call her Nellie for short, it'd be inconvenient when calling her to have to say "PENELOPE!" everytime :)
Nellie is Blaze and Bruce's mommy.
We think she might be expecting again.

We have another goat, Cornelius, but he's pretty messy right now and didn't want to post a picture of him :)
He's our buck.

So, these are our goats :)
Hope you enjoyed!
God bless,


Orenczaks said...

Aw! They are all so cute!

Miss you guys!

Laura said...

We simply must get a goat.
..or two.

{{* *}}

Katie said...

Ha ha--good one! Wow I didn't know you all owned that many goats! I remember having a blast at your house (long ago) "herding" the goats around... Miss you!

Brittany said...

Your goats are so cute! I was just stopping by to tell Olivia that I am praying for her. Love you!


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