Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Cochrans, A Wedding, and Kitchen Fun

We had and nice visit with the Cochran ladies this past Monday morning/afternoon! The Lord bless them as they prepare to start a new chapter in their lives.
We love you Cochran family!!!!!!!!!!
All the ladies! ;)

Momma and Mrs. comment! LOL!
Egg gathering for Walnut Pie...
Cluck cluck...what are you doing with my eggs!?!?!?!
Thank you we have enough for the pie!!!
The Crunchy Culinary Creation. DELICIOUS!
Awww! Mary, Trishie, and Livie! ;)

Katie and Anna, 10-year-long friends! Whew what a long time. It's been a jolly friendship, Katie dear! :D
Miss Elizabeth and my dear kid-sister, Emily!
Goodbye fair friends!!! We wish thee well! God bless you as you go your way!!
Much Love,
The Stone Family :)

The Wedding!
What a joy to have been a part of the recent wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Carr! God bless them in the life they now lead!

Ms. Mary DeVries glides down the aisle on her dear father's arm.
Only minutes before, she was preceded by her husband-to-be's sister, Beryl. Doesn't she look lovely??
The bride's sitser (aka: Maid of Honor) soon follows the groom's sister in her walk down the aisle.
The bride and groom listen as a song is sung for them.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Carr!!! *ecstatic applause* :D
The place where the bride and groom's piece of cake used to be. *yum yum*
The groom and bride make their graceful exit..........just kidding!!
Run Jordan and Mary! Ruuuunnnnnnn for your lllliiiives!!!!!
The Dance of the Rose Bouquets. *heehee*
Sweet Momma talking with Mrs. Bahr in the church kitchen.
An aerial shot at the church sanctuary. Lovely, just lovely!

Mrs. Morrison with two of her five men. Joshua and Jeremy, respectively.
Our dear friends Kim and Jean Fambrough.
Emily, what are you doing on the stage?? ;)
Jean and I, what a dear friend!
Bye Beryl!!! It was nice to see you too!! *haha* (she is actually tossing something in this picture, not waving ;)

Kitchen Fun!
Momma and I decided a few nights ago that we would break out the camera and have some fun while preparing dinner. The photos following are the end result. :)

The delicious Stone Family method of potato baking!
Peel those carrots Lidia...peel 'em! Great job!

Ahh...nothin' like fresh cucumbers.
What do you think this is Anna, a spa???? :D
The by-product of Momma weighing eggs. The numbers on them represent how much a dozen of the same weight would weigh. For example: a dozen of eggs the same weight as the right-most one would weigh 29 oz. Pretty neat, eh? :)

Here's the OFFICIAL egg weighing contraption! (the egg on the scale is not real, that's why it looks as though it doesn't weigh anything)
Look at the size of those peppers! They're as big as her face!

Cooking lemon-peppered chicken.
Mamma's faithful diligence is a constant inspiration to us all. We love you Momma!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Various Happenings at Stone Manor :)

Here we find Daddy and Momma headed off to a retirement party.

Fare thee well dearest parents!!

Olivia and I recently had the pleasure of going child-sitting together.

Katherine showing me her plane. Every time she tried to fly it, somehow the plane always found its way behind her. It was so sweet!! ;)
Rebecca and Olivia playing on the swing set.
The official 'Sitter' (in the reflection of a window). LOL!!!

Restocking the bread supply.

An afternoon of backing yields much! *sniff, sniff...mmmmm* :P

Stone girl photo shoot.

Three sisters...

On Sunday evening our family hosted a dinner party. The crowd consisted of the Ed Fambrough, Paul Krause, and Michael Stone families. We had a wonderful night of fun, food, and plenty of Christian fellowship! :D

The young adults. L-R: Kimberly, Jean Marie, Paulina, Anna, Emily, Olivia, Adam, and Peter.

Adam and Peter, AKA: The Human French Doors...err...uh...Filipino Doors?? Hmmm...shall we ever know?!?! LOL!!!!!! :D

The Ladies. L-R: Momma, Kimberly, Mrs. Fambrough, Anna, Mrs. (Grandma) Roth, Paulina, Olivia, Mrs. Krause, Jean Marie, and Emily. That's a bunch of ladies! *grin*

Mrs. Fambrough and her beloved mother.

The gentlemen. L-R: Peter, Adam, Mr. Fambrough, Daddy, and Mr. Krause. How wonderful!!

The table, neatly set to seat fifteen. It was a cozy dinner! :)

Goodnight all!!


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