Saturday, August 25, 2007

Various Happenings at Stone Manor :)

Here we find Daddy and Momma headed off to a retirement party.

Fare thee well dearest parents!!

Olivia and I recently had the pleasure of going child-sitting together.

Katherine showing me her plane. Every time she tried to fly it, somehow the plane always found its way behind her. It was so sweet!! ;)
Rebecca and Olivia playing on the swing set.
The official 'Sitter' (in the reflection of a window). LOL!!!

Restocking the bread supply.

An afternoon of backing yields much! *sniff, sniff...mmmmm* :P

Stone girl photo shoot.

Three sisters...

On Sunday evening our family hosted a dinner party. The crowd consisted of the Ed Fambrough, Paul Krause, and Michael Stone families. We had a wonderful night of fun, food, and plenty of Christian fellowship! :D

The young adults. L-R: Kimberly, Jean Marie, Paulina, Anna, Emily, Olivia, Adam, and Peter.

Adam and Peter, AKA: The Human French Doors...err...uh...Filipino Doors?? Hmmm...shall we ever know?!?! LOL!!!!!! :D

The Ladies. L-R: Momma, Kimberly, Mrs. Fambrough, Anna, Mrs. (Grandma) Roth, Paulina, Olivia, Mrs. Krause, Jean Marie, and Emily. That's a bunch of ladies! *grin*

Mrs. Fambrough and her beloved mother.

The gentlemen. L-R: Peter, Adam, Mr. Fambrough, Daddy, and Mr. Krause. How wonderful!!

The table, neatly set to seat fifteen. It was a cozy dinner! :)

Goodnight all!!


princesskate7 said...

Oh, Anna, we had so much fun at your house yesterday and we're eagerly awaiting the appearance of the pictures that we took! That movie of the "french doors" that you showed us was hilarious! Isn't it great to have good friends? Memories are so important... Miss you already! Have a blessed day...

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Hey Katie...
Pics. should be up soon! Love you and had a lot of fun with you on monday!
~Anna ;)

Olivia said...

I helped make that bread!!!!But Anna did most of it!! I love all of you!!!!
Love, your sister,
Olivia Christine


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