Friday, August 22, 2008

Olivia's 13th Birthday Party!

For My 13th Birthday my family threw me a birthday party on July 12th - but my birthday is actually on July 4th! It was a blast!!

Icing the beautiful cake!

The artist herself

Still Icing!


The Finished Product!

Mother Dear!

The Beautiful table setting!

The Party Begins!!!

L to R: Mom, Emily, Me, Faith, And Stephanie!

Matching Women in the kitchen!

L to R: Stephanie, Hannah, Faith, Amy and Me!

L to R: Stephanie, the back of Me,Elise's head and Amy!

Tired B.B.

We also danced, and went swimming, It was the best Birthday party I have ever had!

Thank you Mom, Anna and Emily! I love you women!!

~Olivia Christine!


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