Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode To Modesty

This is a video we (Anna, Olivia and myself) made several months ago...
Hope y'all enjoy this even just half as much as we enjoyed making it! :)
God bless!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Kidding!!

I just wanted to tell you of the wondrous thing that happened on Wednesday...
I went out to check on Nellie (our goat) to see if she was in labor or not...
And this is what I found! :D

Blaze & Bruce!

(The first born, a girl)

(The second born, a boy... He was still in the birth sack when I found Nellie)

Nellie, The proud Mother!

Blaze may have been the first born, but Bruce was the first to walk! :D

She may not have been able to walk first but she got to eat first, if you ask me she got the better end of the deal, first to be born, first to eat. :D

Nellie cleaning them off.

Anna's dirty afterbirth hands :P

Bruce sucking on Anna's fingers

Laying down

Ah, so cute! I love the little heart on her nose! :D

Anna had to help Blaze stand for a few minutes.


Bruce and Anna

Falling down :D

Emily Cleaning Blaze off

The difference between a new born Blaze and a two week old Lois! They sure do grow fast!!! :D

Lois and I

Tying off Bruce's umbilical cord

Tying off Blaze's umbilical cord :D

Blaze and I :D

Blaze relaxing in my arms :D

Dirty iodine-stained hands from tying the umbilical cords.
The iodine used to prevent disease. :D

Last one of Bruce :D

Cleaning the birthing towels :D

Pushing them aside for room for the others. :D

I hope you all enjoyed this post!
God Bless!
Goodbye! :D

~Olivia :D


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