Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode To Modesty

This is a video we (Anna, Olivia and myself) made several months ago...
Hope y'all enjoy this even just half as much as we enjoyed making it! :)
God bless!


Becca Elizabeth said...

AHHHHH!!!!! Great video, loved it!
The spoon, the! or Anna you playing the air guitar! Olivia,where did your hat go? YOu must have thrown it far!Emily holding a laptop and throwing a pitch fork....haha! You guys are so funny! :D

Okay now on a serious note!
This is so true, what our culture has become.....we spend so much a a shirt that is called fashionable and the in thing, and really you don't need to wear the hippest un-modest shirt to be beautiful. You just dress how you want to dress and do it modestly! Clothes that fit are fine! Great message you guys have protrayed!

Love ya guys!
God Bless!

Jean Marie said...

OH MY!!! I laughed SO hard AGAIN, and I've seen it before! HAHAHHAHAa! Oh I love you girls. HAh ahaha HA!

Anna - you are my box buddy, I laughed at you SO much! Your spoon.

Emily - WHY do you have to really look like a singer? You make us look bad! Pitchfork! HAHAHAAHAa!!!

Olivia - I love your look at Anna when she is practically hitting you over the head with the spoon! HAHA! And you really look like you are playing the "gee-tar"! :D

I love that song just because I see this video in my head and ya'll's fun with it. :D

Wish I was you call it! Thanks for putting it up!

~ Jean Marie

Marci said...

That was great!!! You did a good job and also got a message out!!!

I do believe you may each have a ham bone in you. :)

Laura said...

What a blast from my past!
My girlfriends and I used to do things like this, using candlesticks or brushes for microphones, and without the driving force of internet power...
relegated to whatever neighbors and family might be within earshot.
When you love to sing, you just gotta get it out!
I am so glad to know you adventuresome, creatively abundant young women.
Sing it out, I say!

Loving thoughts,
Mrs. Lynn
{{{* *}}}

Joseph Allen said...

HA HAHA! Very Funny and True.
Emily with the red scarf made me laugh the hardest!

Mrs. B said...

Funny video girls!

You all looked like you had a GREAT time making it!

Miss you!

Kaylee said...

you girls are amazing! What a great video. I love those songs... Miss you!

heatheroren said...

You girls are so funny! Love it.
Kathleen wants to know how you made such a cool video?

The Stone Family said...

We made it using iMovie... It's a Macintosh program. :)
Miss y'all!

zach said...

Haha funny!

Jeff said...

That was great!

Molly said...


William said...

Haha Funny! Love the wooden spoon!


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