Saturday, May 16, 2009

*shhh...* This is about.... BARBERVILLE!

This past April 25-26th, we went to the Barberville Spring Frolic.
Many thanks to Mrs. Laura for many of the pictures. Since we were performing quite a bit, we didn't have as much time to take pictures.

Now, I make you wait no longer....

Mom and Dad... *sigh* waltzing together :*).

Zach, Peter, Hannah and Rebekah... Peter and Hannah, by the way... are ENGAGED! :) I'm a proud friend who waves poor Hannah's hand around in the air saying, "Look at her ring! She just got engaged!" :) Love you, Hannah!

Joseph, Lane and Gabe.

The Stone Family band during our first performance... Sorry, I don't know what song we were doing here :)

A Bird Without Wings.

Dad and I waltzing.

Olivia and Miss Michelle.


The Lynn family was gracious enough to host us during our frolicking weekend!
Thank you again, Lynns!
Mrs. Lynn and mom are pictured here... sitting at the dinner table, tired but happy after the first day of the festival!

Dad and Mr. Lynn... also tired :)

Warming up for our Sunday morning performance.

I assume this was us singing "This Little light of Mine" :)

Rock of Ages.

And now I interrupt this Barberville broadcast to say...
The end.
Sorry, y'all, but we just didn't have enough pictures! :)
But, all in all, it was an absolutely splendid weekend! Looking forward to next time!
God bless,


Marci said...

Great pictures and I loved hearing you sing in the video.

Jean Marie said...

Well, look at that, I say. LOOK! The Stones, Emily, no less...has posted. And on B-ville! Let there be rejoicing and clapping and contra' dancing in and around the trees and fields of countryside, and thanks to Mrs. Lynn for so many pretty shots! :D

And thank you, Stones, for reviving your DEAD blog....let's keep it up! :D

Love ever....I loved the post, btw! Good job!

~ Jean Marie

Lane Burnsed said...

YEAH! Emily posted!!! (Finally) I like it.

Peter&Hannah said...

Hear hear Stone people! You should listen to what Jean Marie says about updating your blog ;-)
*high five Jean Marie*
Love you to Emily! Make sure you keep this blog up to date!!

Katie said...

Wow, Anna, your violin was so beautiful! I watched the movie, and (not to say the singing was bad, it was lovely!) kept hoping you'd do ONE more violin piece before the end of the song :) Really, it's beautiful. Are you making a CD any time soon? *wink* No seriously! Because I'd be the first to buy one! Love you girls...


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