Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cleaning canning jars

On Monday last week we had Jean over to help us with cleaning all the mason jars that Mom got for canning. The Lord blessed us with 35 dozen quarts, pints and half-pint jars... For a fair price, but lots of elbow grease.

A chicken running away :D

Daffodil a real farm cat

The fire

The pot of hot water

Anna & Jean working

B.B. through my feet

Daffodil, again

The old lids to the jars!


Steam from the pot

The assembly line,
Anna: did the washing
Jean: did the spraying of & laying the jars out to dry
Me: I took the lids of the jars

Jean, again


Anna working hard

Jean stoking the fire

The coals from the fire

The fire covered up

Jean & I


Anna washing the pot

Clean Jars!!!!!!!

Mr. Bingley

More jars

Anna's hands

Anna playing in the ashes

Anna's hands making a hart with the ashes

Anna, the pyromaniac... :)

boxes Anna burned

That is all for now.
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One Winter Morn

One January morning here in sunny Florida, we went outside and found this!

First Picture of the morning

Frost on the car

Ice on the ground

Daffodil frolicking through the frosty grass

B.B. in the frost

Our driveway

Some artistic pictures


A Beautiful sunrise!

Our frozen hose

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Barberville Fall Jamboree Pics- Evening Time

Look here!
I found more pictures from our time at Barberville. The Amundsen family was very nice in inviting our family to stay a few hours :) later and jam around the campfire with them and several other families! What a joyous time we had with y'all!

Jeffrey warming himself by the fire.

In which Abigail Morse and Olivia try to roast a marshmallow over a burning stick... I don't think it worked very well :)

Anna playing her fiddle in the little jam group. L-R: Anna, Roger, and Erik Alvar

More from our jam session. L-R: Roger, Erik, Matthew Morse, Garrett Alvar, and Leah Morse' head :)

Olivia. Watching all the rest of the children playing.

Thanks to all of our friends who welcomed us warmly and made our time jamming very enjoyable!

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