Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cleaning canning jars

On Monday last week we had Jean over to help us with cleaning all the mason jars that Mom got for canning. The Lord blessed us with 35 dozen quarts, pints and half-pint jars... For a fair price, but lots of elbow grease.

A chicken running away :D

Daffodil a real farm cat

The fire

The pot of hot water

Anna & Jean working

B.B. through my feet

Daffodil, again

The old lids to the jars!


Steam from the pot

The assembly line,
Anna: did the washing
Jean: did the spraying of & laying the jars out to dry
Me: I took the lids of the jars

Jean, again


Anna working hard

Jean stoking the fire

The coals from the fire

The fire covered up

Jean & I


Anna washing the pot

Clean Jars!!!!!!!

Mr. Bingley

More jars

Anna's hands

Anna playing in the ashes

Anna's hands making a hart with the ashes

Anna, the pyromaniac... :)

boxes Anna burned

That is all for now.
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Becca Elizabeth said...

Anna the
350 jars,what are you guys planning to can? By now you guys probably never want to look at, or scrub a jar again :P

Jean Marie said...

Hahahhha....these are SO good, Olivia! I'm very thankful for pictures of Anna and I working, because I wanted some, but couldn't take any, as you well know. I LOVE the ones of Anna and I....okay, okay.

#5? AAH! I really, REALLY would like to have that one, could you send it to me...I want to print it out. I LOVE IT! :D

All of your ones of Daffodil, she looks so relaxed. :) Nice.

I LOVE the assembly line!!! Those are favorites too. You can really see how wet the front of my pants were from soaking myself accidentally with the hose. Thank you for taking those! They are great, and all three put together really show how we did it! :D

Um, I think you stole my fire pit pic. Hahaha.

You and I...that's a sweet one.

Your 3rd and 5th picture of the jars are really good! I love the look of the sheet through the 5th one, and the closeup of the 3rd.

And- you stole my line about Anna. But I forgive you, because I love you oceans, and I think it is hilarious that you can see me in the pyro pic on the trampoline trying to get a shot in between jumping. HA HAH HAHAHA!!!! :D

Love you, Olivia.
Thanks for the pics!
~ Jean Marie

P.S. Yay for a nice, long comment, right? :)

(Kerri) said...

Love the pics!

-Isabella Pechin

Sharon Smily Zachary said...

hehe, you all look like you had too much fun doin work!! lol

I just updated my blog...finally. I was forgetting to do it because someone was not reminding me! lolol! Love you Emily!

Love to all,


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