Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Spent with Mimae and Pop Pop

Several weeks ago, our family traveled to Inverness to help Mimae and Pop Pop (daddy's parents) with some spring cleaning about their grounds. We had a lovely time serving them!

Daddy and his noble father.
Here we find Pop Pop's workshop. Think you not it a most interesting shape? Mimae said it holds up very well to hurricanes, I guess the wind just blows around it.
Pop Pop is an avid guitar player and has several beautiful guitar bodies like this that he works on. I love the carved eagle bridge, it's so unique!

Here we find the tractor shed. It also houses lots of Pop Pop's tools.

The wash house and green house.
Momma's artistic flair.
Mimae has many lovely plants that she diligently tends.
I don't know what this striking plant is.

A charming wagon

Olivia was having great fun with Pop Pop's grabbing tool. She went about grasping things such as hands, feet, oranges, and even B.B. :)
Huzzah! We got to jam with Grandpa! Pop Pop used to fiddle with his grandfather Delmar Stone. It is fun to continue the legacy and learn a lot of family history at the same time! Come to find out, Great-Great-Grandpa Delmar was a 6 ft 4 inch Scotch-Irishman with flaming red hair.
I think our playing put B.B. to sleep. :D
Now for a brief intermission from playing. Mimae and Pop Pop showed us a program from a church show they had once. We were thoroughly confused about how to pronounce one last name.
Okay, we will give blog recognition to the person who can tell us how to pronounce the last name, third up from the bottom: Hrynczyszyn. :D :D
Like father, like son.
Playin' a Polka...
Olivia learning the art of crochet at Mimae's knee. Precious moment.

The next day, we all threw ourselves into work around the house. What fun!
Daddy and Pop Pop worked on jacking up the trailer. The settling trailer had pulled away from the addition built around it, letting in cold air and small pests. Praise the Lord, they got it fixed!

In addition to stabilizing the foundation, windows needed washing. Momma and Emily diligently performed that task.The Stone family patriarch overseeing the activities.
The bliss of modern day clothes washin'.
Sigh... :)Fantastic job Daddy! Nobody jacks up a house like you do!!! :D
Still washin'...

Mimae sweeping after the house was raised.

...and washin'. :) The widows were spotless and beautiful by the time Mom and Emmy finished. Well done, I say!
I spear-headed the kitchen clean-up.
Hi B.B.!!
We brought Mimae a rose bush. The blooms reminded us all of brilliant Florida sunsets.
We were so blessed by spending time with Mimae and Pop Pop! They are such a joy to all our hearts. God bless them!

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