Saturday, January 3, 2009

Barberville Fall Jamboree Pics- Evening Time

Look here!
I found more pictures from our time at Barberville. The Amundsen family was very nice in inviting our family to stay a few hours :) later and jam around the campfire with them and several other families! What a joyous time we had with y'all!

Jeffrey warming himself by the fire.

In which Abigail Morse and Olivia try to roast a marshmallow over a burning stick... I don't think it worked very well :)

Anna playing her fiddle in the little jam group. L-R: Anna, Roger, and Erik Alvar

More from our jam session. L-R: Roger, Erik, Matthew Morse, Garrett Alvar, and Leah Morse' head :)

Olivia. Watching all the rest of the children playing.

Thanks to all of our friends who welcomed us warmly and made our time jamming very enjoyable!

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