Monday, December 22, 2008


Becca F. said...

The guy's expression is hilarious.
Even though he knew what was going to happen, it seems like it still surprised him.
I have seen videos like this before; its cool how the balloon moves faster than the water does when it is popped.
Scientific eh? :P

Joseph H. said...

WHOOAA! Thats really neat! :)

Jean Marie said...

Wow. Really cool. I watched it over and over at the beginning and then the beginning of the frames, and saw just how it all goes out and down.
Amazing camera...haha. :D

Becca F. said...

Are y'all going to the Barberville jam and dance on Jan. 3rd??????
God Bless and Merry Christmas :D

Kelli said...

Julia, Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your company during YC--Blessings, Kelli Collins

Jean Marie said...

I lovest thou, dear Stone family....I thought of you today, and just thought I'd say so.
In Christ's grace,
Jean Marie


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