Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Appointment to Remember and Stone Family Picture

This is a video a friend sent us that I thought everyone might like to see! Thanks Katie!

Here it is, the Stone Family Picture 2008. Anna took it with her new camera and remote. You can see more of her pictures at:

May the Lord bless you and have a very Merry Christmas!



Joseph H. said...

Wait, I have the ending to the video!! He says, "But wait, I want to go to dinner with you!!" LOL...Right? Did I miss something?

Wow Anna, a remote. Now you've gone high tech on us. :D Sweeet,


Jean Marie said...

I love it. Love, love, LOVE IT! :D

The Stone Family said...

No, Joseph, that IS the end of the movie. The lady who walked by him is the one he had been writing to. She was testing his character! :)
Yeah, she (Anna) has gone and gotten high tech, huh? :D
Jean, have you ever seen that movie before?
See ya tomorrow, Lord willing,

Joseph H. said...

LOL, you didn't get it. :( I was saying he asked the other "plain" lady out for dinner instead. I know the "pretty" girl, was really the girl. But now, its not funny anymore :( You killed my joke :P

Becca F. said...

It potrays such a neat message.That he decided he wouldn't go after the outside beauty, but go for the lady(or the one he thought)
he had made such a connection through inner beauty via the letters.
Something we all need to remember.
Very nice :)

Sarah said...

That was good! I have read that story, but have not seen it before. Thanks for sharing :-).

Joseph, your joke didn't quite die - I thought your ending was funny :-D. I like the real ending better though :-)



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