Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Newest Addition...

Hello everyone,

Meet Daffodil, Olivia's new kitten. She was an early Christmas present from Mom and Dad. The reason Livy got her so early was because in three weeks, she wouldn't be such a little bit anymore.

Isn't she cute?


Becca F. said...

You got that kitten!!
Oh, Olivia, you must be so excited!
I'm so happy for you!!

Lauren Hope said...

awwww... She is very cute! I bet Olivia is thrilled to have her! Now if only I could convince my mom and dad to let me get another puppy... :)

Jean Marie said...

AWWwwwww.....she is SO cute and pretty! I love her little face....Olivia, I can't wait to meet her! Merry Christmas early, sweet girl! I'm so happy you have her! Love you!
~ Jean Marie

Olivia Christine said...

I love her, she is the best Christmas present so far!!!!!!!!! She is so much cuter in person! she is much more orange! I love her name! She is so sweet! God bless! Have a very merry Christmas to all!
~Olivia Christine <3

Jean Marie said...

Oh...I love the changes to your blog, yet again! Sigh...mine is still getting everything down..haha. It looks great! And I love the new pic, and everything!

Anna Grace said...

Wow...what a surprise! :P
Welcome to the family kitty! I didn't know you were coming! HA!
I'm so happy you got it Livie and can't wait to meet her.
Loving and missing you so much!
~Anna :)

Joseph H. said...

You changed the picture!!! Is that allowed?? Yes yes very cute. :)


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