Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun with the Sanders :)

Our first day with the Sanders began with a chicken 'dis assembly' line. Boy was that interesting and fun in a slightly yucky sort of way! *grin* We learned the process of cleaning chickens from start to finish. The 'in between stuff' was a little icky though. :)

Here we are, learning how to clean the chickens. L-R: Noah, Grace, Dad, Mrs. Sanders, Mom, Rebekah, Abbi, Anna (me :), Emily, oh...and Molly (the dog). I think this picture is funny because Mom is right in there video-taping the whole ordeal while Emily is way off to the right making sounds that evidence her 'squeamishness'. :D
Here are the yummy...oh, um...poor little chickens, waiting to fulfill their purpose. : /
Here they are again...Scalding time...
Grace is pulling out the lungs here and...there's my mom again...catching every move on video. *smirk*
Now it's my turn to remove the offal (sp?) from the chicken. Doesn't that look like fun?! : / (Offal is pronounced awful...I wonder why? :)
I am so proud of Emily! She is the very squeamish one in the family, and performed this task with...relative...ease. Three cheers for Emily...Hip-Hip-Hooray...!!!!!
Let me take a moment to congratulate Mrs. Sanders on her 'presentable' bird. What a swell job! :D
And Dad finishing the 'disassemly' line. Yum!
And now you know how to disassemble a chicken! Neat, huh? :)
Hopefully later today I will post some more 'normal' pictures of our time with the Sanders family! :D


Katie said...

I have to say that I wouldn't really enjoy doing that, but I'm glad you had the experience! Now I've had it too (through your lovely pictures) so I never need to do it. HOORAY! I had so much fun with you yesterday! I love you!

Worry said...

That is awesome! You need more pictures of the actual stuff though! :-)


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