Monday, April 9, 2007

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend TeenPact. TeenPact is a state government class that helps to prepare America's youth for godly political activism. We were encouraged and exhorted to become better citizens during this class. Praise God!

Here is a picture of the fountains leading to the entrance of the Florida State Capitol. SO PRETTY!!! :D

Here is the ceiling of the parking garage near the capitol building. Extraordinary architecture.

These Florida State facts are posted in the capitol building. It was wonderful to see that our fair state is still clinging to God's sovereignty. Hooray!! ;)

Here is Olivia, gracefully decending the spiral staircase in Tallahassee! Great job Olivia!! :D

Dad and Mom smiling for a snap-shot. They helped chaperon TeenPact and did a smashing good job in my opinion! ;)

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princesskate7 said...

I remember those fountains up there! They were, indeed, beautiful. If i'd remembered to get out my photo books while you all were here, you could have seen a picture of me with my friends at the FL class in 2004 in front of the fountain. Good times...


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