Monday, July 23, 2007

Blizzards?...on the Beach?!?!?! :)

We had the pleasure of an outing with Megan, Anna, Danielle, and Lydia Blizzard last (Sunday) night. Praise the Lord for His gift of wonderful friends!!

Thanks so much for coming you all! Love you and the Lord bless!!!!

L-R: Megan, Emily, Anna, Momma, Olivia, Lydia, and Danielle :)
Everyone as above, minus Megan plus Anna. Sorry for covering up your face, Danielle! *oops* :)

A signature group shot...

Yes...more feet! But this time my photography is more aquatically inclined! *haha*

Quick!...Look!'s the rare but fascinating species of 'Hand' Crab!!!!!! TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!! :D
Here is a footprint in the sand. I call it...Footprint in the Sand. : P

"Sigh. I tried to tell her that she can't dig to China but, alas, did she listen? I think NOT!" Just kidding! Emily pointed out to me how pretty Danielle's skirt looked billowing like this, so I took a picture. I'm glad she showed me! :)

"BekahDanB" is what is written in the sand. That's short for Rebekah Danielle Blizzard. We all soon followed suit when we saw Danielle writing her name in the sand. Very creative! ;O

Momma romantically writes, "Julia hearts (loves) Mike". Sigh...
Emily is attempting to write her name but...oh no!...what do I see...
...but a wave!!!!!!!!!!!! "You've got to be kidding me!" Emily exclaimed right after the wave returned to the ocean! We were all seized with fits of laughter! *heehee* :D
Olivia and Lydia pause for a picture with their names together. :) :-)
Miss Anna Faith O:)

"The Annas"...we love Jesus! ;)

Miss Anna Grace *<:o) Miss Megan, obviously! ^_^

The Mysterious Maids of Mayhem...*dramatic music*
The Not-So-Mysterious Maids of Mayhem...hehe...ahem. :D

The next sequence of pictures are of our beach group trying to get a snapshot with all of us in mid-air. That was fun and it took a while.
Try number one...
Try number two...almost there...I think...?
Try number three...Houston, we have a problem...these girls just can't seem to 'lift off'...

Try number long last our many attempts come to fruition! Needless to say, we were very winded by the time we finally got this picture. LOL! The only bad part is that Danielle and Lydia are covered up. :) Sorry!

A group shot at arms length...stretch!!!!!
"Reach for the sky..."
and...again... :)
a group shot
another one, plus Megan and minus Anna

Run girls, RUN!!!

The creation of God is a wonderful thing to behold, it's especially colorful on the beach!

God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are holy, holy!!
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth!

Here is a special message to Airman Tim Blizzard from his little sister, Lydia.

"Hi Tim!!
Tim I love you!" Hope you got the message Tim. :)

Hope you all had fun looking at this post. We sure had fun coming up with the material for it!! God richly bless you all!

~Anna, for the Stone Family


princesskate7 said...

Oh Anna, I am totally envying your new camera! It takes such wonderful pictures! Missing and loving you all...

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Hey Katie,
My camera is a FinePix S700 (in response to your email :). At the moment, our moms are on the phone together, I hope we shall be seing one another very soon! Love you much! God bless you dearie! ;)
Love in the Lord,
~Anna :)

Danielle said...

We have to do that again sometime soon! :-D


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