Thursday, July 19, 2007

Four Families, One Great Afternoon!

On Sunday we (The Stones) had the grand privilege of dining with the Blizzards and the Manhaves in the home of Mrs. Paashaus. What a blessing to be among friends on the Lord's day! Thank you Mrs. Paashaus for having us!

"Say cheese!" was the plea of my dear mother as we all huddled together for a group shot. :) L-R: Jennifer Manhave, Stephani Manhave, Danielle Blizzard, Olivia Stone, Emily Stone, Nicole Manhave, Faith Manhave, Anna Stone, and Anna Blizzard. Phew, that's a lot of girls! LOL!
Here we find Nathan and Nicole, such photogenic cousins. I think the face Anna is making in the background is hilarious! :D
I was enjoying the new camera and desperately wanted a picture of Olivia and I took it! :D Lovely smile Olivia dear!
I also craved a shot with Emily. I have such photogenic sisters. God bless them, they are such a joy to my heart!
Little girls seem to be drawn to my daddy. Mayhaps it's because he has three of his own. :)

Here is daddy again, 'hiding' behind a little bear. Great camouflage! :D :D
Olivia and Stephani wanted a picture together, so, here it is! So sweet!
Jenny and yours truly.
Here, Emily Blizzard and Dad compare their heel heights. *haha*
And these are the top halves of the bodies above. :)

Before lunch, Nathan, Emily, Daddy, Peter, and Mr. Blizzard were deep in discussion about insurance rates. Fascinating! ;)
Momma, Mr. Manhave, and Mrs. Paashaus eagerly prepare lunch. It was so delicious! Thank you!
L-R: Matthew Blizzard, Lydia Blizzard, Stephani Manhave, Olivia, Nicole Manhave, and Faith Manhave. Everyone was contentedly watching a movie together. What a nice group!
Anna, Emily, and Jenny smile in the entrance way of the house.
This is one of my most favorite pictures!!! No, it most certainly is not staged! While Emily and Jenny were sorting out who's who on Mrs Paashaus's wall of military grandchildren, I snapped this picture. Only afterward did I notice that it looks like Emily is sprouting wings from her head! We all got a kick out of the pic!!!!!!!!!!

We had a simply wonderful, unforgettable time. Much thanks to all who made it so special!

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Katie said...

That one of Emily with the wings was indeed hilarious! Good shot--you're a natural since you didn't even mean to take it that way!


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