Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Trip, At the O'Briens

Hello faithful readers...that is...if any of you still read this blog. :) We are quite remorseful over our recent LACK of posts. I beg your forgiveness!!!

Our family recently made a trip to to Illinois. On our way there we visited in Michigan...pretty much all over the state. Then, on to Illinois we went, afterward visiting in Indiana.
"Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start." :)

Our first stop, after a 23 1/2 hour straight drive, was at the O'Brien's home in Northern Michigan. They kindly let us stay with them in their lovely, lake-front home.

After an afternoon of running about hither and yon to see the sights, Mrs. O'Brien kindly treated us to some delicious ice cream.

Liv with her creamy dessert.

Outside of the ice cream shop, there hung a rock. Just a normal, average looking rock. Apparently, the natives use this rock to forecast the weather.
*If it gets wet, the day will be rainy; if it swings, gusts of wind will be experienced; if the rock feels hot, it will be sweltering outside; etc...*
Well, Emily decided she wanted to touch this incredible rock. The moment she presses a finger to its porous surface...the stone comes tumbling out of the sling with a thud. We took that to mean that there would be an earthquake. :D

An Amish homestead nearby, we bought fresh eggs, butter milk, and salted butter. Delicious!

Later that day, Olivia and Chelsea (the O'Brien's granddaughter) amused themselves by swimming in the lake. They must have jumped off the end of the dock 30 times in a half hour. :)
Splashing in the drink
Olivia showed me this tiny snail she found in the lake. We'd never seen a black one before, so I figured I should take a picture of the momentous occasion. :)
A view of the O'Brien's home from the end of their dock. When you walk out on the porch, it feels like you're in a tree house.

Daddy shoving us away from the dock. We spent the next hour or so touring a vast lake in a pontoon boat. It was so refreshing.
Yup, I think they're drying. :)
Emily and I
Our pilot, Captain O'Brien, looking quite intent on his task. The lovely bride of our captain, reclining with their sweet dog, Abbey.

This is a boy dog...named...Silky. My, how masculine! :)
Sigh...Deeper sigh...
Chelsea with her heat-producing bookends, Emily and Mom.
Another view the ship master. Behind is his son, Mr. Jay.

'Ello Mum!
Isn't it funny how most people that live right off the lake have boats, jet skis, kayaks, or canoes? :)
Who thinks they know what THIS is?
Hmm, it seems the wind is a bit too much for them.
Father and Daughter

By the size of this house, the up-keep of the landscaping, and the flag hanging from the balcony, we figured the owner of this house must be a rich doctor or lawyer with a son that likes pirates. I wonder how close our guess was...? :D
Disembarking after a lovely voyage.
Getting ready to leave the next morning.
The last shot we got of the Mr. and Mrs.
They were such kind, gracious hosts and we thank the Lord for the time spent "fellowshipping" with them.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR YOUR LOVELY POST!!! HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY!!! Can you tell I enjoyed it? :) The pictures were wonderful, it brings back my many memories of fun at Lake Michigan. And...for the vote upon the house - I vote pirates. Much more fun and exciting. :)
I love you all, and am so glad you enjoyed your trip!
~Jean Marie

Joseph H. said...

Hey Stones, Glad to see you all had a good trip. I really have no idea what that thing is in the sand.... Is the whatever it is wrapped by an old tarp or something? Anyways, above is the link to my blog if you didn't already have it. :)

Anonymous said...

and so???
where did you GO in illinois?
i am on the edge of my seat.
was it the conference at the macdonalds' church?
pray tell???
always a delight to read about the goings ons in the stone home.
with love,
mrs. cochran

Anonymous said...

I am leaving a short comment. :)
- Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment from the faithful one -
I enjoyed all the talkin'.
I love you.
I am not parachuting into your backyard, it is much too risky. :)
~RED Herring

The Stone Family said...

Holy's a REEEEDDDDDDD Hairing. So glad I had someone explain it to me. Thanx
Papa Rock see

Anonymous said...

Dear Papa Rock see,
Haha, hah, ha, ha, ha...laughing so hard...oh, my. Yes, 'tis I. The RED Hairing. Oh...I love it. You can call me that until my last day, and I will continue to smile. Anna was so sweet to explain it to me, as well. I was in the dark. So, then, during the whole phone call, I couldn't wait to throw a red herring in. :) Thanks for the fun!
I love you.
~The RED Hairing

Mrs. Cochran's friend J said...

Mrs. Cochran ...We're back from a Precept weekend...A, E, and me. What a blessing! You would appreciate how the Lord's hand orchestrated this trip.
Yes, we did travel to Illinois! The girls are working on a post, and no, it wasn't to the conference you mentioned. Our dear patriarch had need to attend on-campus classes for the seminary classes he is taking on-line. We had a wonderful time. The IL post is almost ready, although the pics are not what you would probably be expecting! ;D

How I miss you, dear friend!
Fondly, J

Anonymous said...

Just because I can, I am leaving a comment.


~ The RED Hairing

LaurenCrowther said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Emily, I'm the first to tell you. :) I sent you a card but it is late... sorry! I hope you have a great day!

Lauren Crowther

Anonymous said...

Dear Stone family blogger people(aka, Anna,and Emily who usually write) -
Ahem! We needs must have a birthday post of the birthday time, with the birthday pictures, of the birthday girl, all including with the birthday words. We needs must have, we really must. Ah, and if thou art reading this earnest note on Monday eve, you ALSO needs must to run outside, and gaze at the wondrous moon.
With much love to all the Stones,
Jean Marie


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