Thursday, August 13, 2009


A few months ago we (Mom, Anna, Emily & I) Had the opportunity of going thrift store shopping with our good friends, the Lynns. (Mrs. Lynn, Gabe & Michelle) We had a competition to see who could spend the least amount of money, with only having $20 to spend.

I hope you enjoy it !

The back seat people. (Me, Michelle, & Emmy)

A cool old little bike at one of the thrift stores :)

I like this picture!

Hahaha, Anna!


Me and Michelle, she has a lamp shade on her head... If you were wondering. :D

Half of Michelle face in a mirror, I like this picture to! :D

The gang with the goodies :)

After thrifting we went to eat at taco bell, this is my apple pie. :D

Mrs. Lynn & Mom looking at a driveway :)

( I think the sun looks cool in this picture) :D

My goodies, I spent $14.50

Most of Emmy's goodies, she spent $11.60

Michelle's goodies. $5.00
Sorry I couldn't flip this :(

Gabe's stuff, he spent $2.50

Anna's goodies, she spent $2.60

Sorry I couldn't flip this picture ether. :(

Mrs. Lynn's things. :)

Mrs. Lynn herself! :D

In first with spending only $2.50, GABE!
In second only spending $2.60, Anna!
In third with $5.00, Michelle!
In fourth only spending $11.60, Emily!

And in fifth with spending $14.50, me. :(
I got last place, but I think I got the coolest stuff! :)

And yes we enjoyed it!
I hope you did to!
God bless you!
~Olivia Christine


Heatheroren said...

How fun! Hope to see you guys soon!!
Kathleen O.

Laura said...

A most satisfying day it t'was
and not because of the thrifted finds
but because of time with YOU!

That "moms in the driveway" shot is awkward looking unless you know that we were kicking around in it to determine if it was good material for your driveway
...or we might have been praying! :)
Take the moms out of the picture and you see
a lovely, tranquil scene.

Memorable post, Miss Olivia!
I smiling.
{{* *}}

The Stone Family said...

Thanks Mrs. Lynn! It was a blast for sure! :) And the findings were great!
~Olivia Christine

Heatheroren said...

Happy birthday Mrs.Stone!!!!! I hope you have a great day and a great year!!!
Orenczak family


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