Saturday, April 28, 2007

Men's Retreat at the Morton's Home

This April our family had the opportunity to travel to Georgia for a Men's Retreat. We had a wonderful time with all of the families up there. God bless them all!

I am sorry (ahead of time) for any pictures that are side ways. I couldn't get them to flip right side up! ;D

Here is my dad (in the blue shirt) with some other fathers at the retreat.

Mrs. Morton and Mom smile for a quick picture...cheese! ;D

The Mortons have a neat obstacle course in the woods behind their home. Here are a few pictures of our 'attempts' on some of the activities.

Here I am struggling to cross the foot-bridge which threatens to collapse with each step, I shall surely fall to my death!!!!!! *aaaaaahhhhhhhh...swoon* I'm just joking around, the bridge is not actually a part of the course but we took this picture while we were back there anyway. *heehee* ;)

Angela was kind to give each of us a boost when we tried to get over this huge wall. Here's Martha going up...she made it.

There goes Bethany...and she made it.

Here I go...I didn't make it, and I'm okay with that. ;)

Like a good big sister, Emily helps Olivia get across this challenge, for the most part. Be careful Olivia, don't fall...WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this challenge you are supposed to climb all the way across like a monkey. The tricky part is that there is a PVC pole covering the chain, if you don't move fast enough the pipe will twist and you can fall. I didn't even try to make it across, I just held the pole and swung. The swinging motion inched the pole down the chain. I didn't get very far. *ha ha* :D

Baby Brett is sucking on his fist while being held by Abigail. So sweet, I love this picture.

A Flour-Bomb War!

Here is Team #1 for a flour-bomb war. Don't they just look vicious?!?! :)

Here is the opposing Team #2. Pray, who shall emerge victorious??

Aaaaakk...all have been struck by the deadly flour-bombs...none escape the 'powdery' doom. Oh well, they're all winners to me. :)

Here is a quick glance at the Morton Ladies' garden. How pretty is that?? :D It extends quite a bit farther to the left, but alas, my camera scope is very limited!!!

Say 'CHEESE' Emmy! :D

And now we find Olivia playing out-of-doors with her little friends.

This is Rachel (Kressant's sister) helping in the kitchen.

The ladies all had a tea party together, what fun!!! Here are some pictures from the party.

Doesn't everything look delectable?? Yummy!

All the Young Women.

All the Little Women. ;)

This baby kept trying to kiss the horse. It was so cute. He never actually kissed it though which is good because the horse was really dirty! ;) Adeline Morton is holding him in the background. Sweet girl!

This picture is extremely candid, but I like it. :P

A random picture of my feet and Martha's feet. :D

Here I am cooing at Baby Brett. So silly. : /

What a nice picture! My mom is talking with Mrs. Campana and Mrs. Smith.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed these pictures. I will put some more up soon, we have so many good ones! :D God bless you all!!!!!!! ~Anna~


Smiles for Christ said...

Very good Anna!!!

Katie said...

I love the picture of you crossing your eyes at the baby! And you really like feet, don't you?? *wink* I miss you so much and am sad we didn't get to see eachother... But we're coming to FL this Wednesday and hopefully we'll get together! Take care!


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