Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Time to Laugh :D

These pictures document our time spent with a dear family...The Cochrans!!

Here are the girls playing 4-Square...or in this case...3-Square? Left-Right: Mary, Olivia, and Patricia.

Emily and Elizabeth were inside playing the piano sounded great!! ;)

Mrs. C., Mom, and Dad (respectively) having a conversation together. They are so wonderful!

This is a pretty painting that Mrs. C. did...SO BEAUTIFUL!!

This is a random picture of Katie's and Anna's feet. Look, look...they have matching nail polish! :D

Anna and Katie are doing bunny ears together, you can barely see Katie's fingers pointing above Anna's head! They had fun taking pictures together on the way to church.

Katie and Elizabeth playing with each other under a scarf. I love this picture because it is so candid!! So funny!

Go Elizabeth, GO! This is such a neat picture!

Robert is holding a litter of Dachshund puppies. sweet! ;)

Katie and Anna messing around with 'sign-language'. Hmm... :D


Katie said...

I just love those pics - and the people look so familiar! That sweet Cochran family looks totally familiar!!! *wink* Great pictures, Anna. I can't wait to see you all this weekend at the Morton's! Love you!

Smiles for Christ said...

Hey Stones, I just thought I would let ya know that I love the pictures and I love you!! =) Glad you all had a safe and wonderful trip. Have a blessed day!
God Bless,

Smiles for Christ said...

I think you all need to post again! =) I hope all is going well. I miss you all. I have been on my email a lot, so you can email aytime! I hope all of you are well. I am praying for you! Pray for me as we try to see Jenny. We don't know if she will want to see us. I would really like to go see her. Well, I better go. Love y'all!
hope math is going well... ;)


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