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Camp Report

Hello everybody!
We had a wonderful time at camp. The main teacher for the week was Pastor Ardis from Charolette North Carolina. He spoke on eight different covenants: The Adamic Covenant, the Covenant of Creation, the Covenant of Grace, Noahic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Mosaic Covenant, Davidic Covenant, and the New Covenant. We also had several other men come and speak at night. Ms. RoseAnn Futoran spoke on "Viewing God" after lunch. We played games three times a day (I wasn't able to play because of some sort of injury that my foot had received two years ago.) Here are some pictures of our time there.
Olivia and I were placed on the red team together. GO CAT TAILS! We are seen here returning from the first game, duck hunt, and are victorious!

The anxious counselors/siblings/parents/friends/game organizers/videographers look on with anticipation awaiting the return of the blue, yellow, and green teams from the duck hunt.

Here we see Olivia obliging Kathleen by giving her a ride on her shoulders.


Every morning, we had cabin inspection. That is, we went right from breakfast to clean the cabins. Make beds, clean bathrooms, sweep floors, wash window ceils, dust fans, straighten towels, etc. etc.

On Wednesday, July 4th, (Olivia's birthday) our parents decided to surprise her and stay for the day. Boy was she surprised =)

She is seen here blowing out her TWELVE candles. She had a slice of key lime pie for a makeshift birthday cake. Yummy! =P

Here are mom and I.


Blue Team- 2nd place..."What's the password," Zach questions Patrick. "What?" he responds. "Good, good, that's the password. You here to buy ducks, right?" By this time it had been made clear that ducks had been outlawed by reason of causing head concussions. And Patrick was an undercover police trying to crack down a duck scandal.

Here are Billy and Zach preparing to hand Patty the ducks before he shouts, "FREEZE! You're under arrest for illegal handling of ducks." And he and Loni pull them off stage.

Our villains' trial. In the end, Zach was set free, by the presiding judge, Judge Trudy (AKA Sharon) because he told the truth and Billy was sentenced to 70 sextillion years in prison for continuing to lie about what happened. "They were pelicans!" he shouts. (the 70 sextillion was something that we had learned earlier in the week.) THE END

Yellow team- 3rd place.... (Anna was on this team) The skit opens up with the campers visiting the NASA museum of star counters. The tour was led by an old man (Ryan Sudlow) and he starts listing all the people who have attempted to count stars, Hipparchus, Kepler, and finally the Hubble telescope. He points out a room that contains a time machine and tells the kids that the machine doesn't work it had some "glitches" in it. At this time, he is called away to take his granddaughter to her piano lessons and tells the kids to look around but not to touch. Do they obey, I think not! They run into the time machine, start it up and stop...

In 128 B.C. and meet Hipparchus (also played by Ryan) trying to count the stars. "But you can't count the stars, only God can," they protest. "You actually believe that rubbish! Ha! Well I don't and I'm going to continue to count every last star, now go away!" So they return to the time machine and start it up again and this time they end up...

In 1600 A.D. only to find Kepler (Ryan again) counting stars as well. When asked who he is, he hands them a piece of paper, "My card." "Kepler, the Star counting man" it reads, only the kids can't pronounce his name and after trying several different pronunciations he becomes exasperated. "KEPLER!! My name is Kepler" and he continues his count. Rebecka asks him if he knows anything about time machines. His only response is to stick out another piece of paper stating "I'm counting stars, go away!" So they get into the time machine once again only this time to travel to...

2003 A.D. at the NASA science lab. "Pssh (sound of walkie talkie by Ryan) Uh, this is Hubble telescope. Pssh and the latest star count is 70 sextillion pssh." Katie: "Pssh, thanks Hubble, over and out pssh" Annoyed by the continuous count the kids return to the machine and travel to a different era once again....

2077 where Ryan is seen once again. (They sure liked using him, probably because he's funny!) He is found staring blankly into space which puzzles the kids, and like any normal person would do, they wave their hands in front of his face. "OOWW!!! Don't do that!!" Ryan screeches uncontrollably. "It's these new telescope lenses, I'm trying to count the stars." This time, they don't even argue, but return to the time machine and finally return to 2007 just in time to return to the spot where the old man left them when he returned. Afterwards, they return to camp and try to count the stars but give up after three, "Forget it, only God knows how many stars there are!" THE END

Green team- 4th place.... The skit starts out with a bunch of kids (juvenile delinquents maybe?) running around the room screaming "KILL THE DUCK!" They are all rounded up and made to sit and listen to an Evangelist.

Peter played the Evangelist. He basically told them how to become Christians and if you're not one, you're going to go to hell.

Only a few of the kids responded to the "alter call" and afterwards, were so happy that they started having a Bible study right away. The other kids only mocked and jeered. Then, they started running around the room again screaming, "KILL THE DUCK!"

Then all but one of the kids fall into a gorge and die. Jamil, the only surviving kid, goes to the Christians and tells them what happens, then Joscelin and Matthew jump in trying to save the others and they die as well. Jessie and Hailee get upset with God and Alexander tells Jamil that he will read him his Bible. THE END
And last but not least, in any sense of the word...

The Red team- 1st place.... (Olivia and I were on this team) Our skit opened up with me encouraging my babies to "Peck your way out!" of the eggshell. Five minutes after they were supposed to hatch, I freak out and call the "Good Duck-herder".
As soon as I turn around and The Good Duck-herder (Billy Landry) arrives, the babies hatch out of the egg. I insist that I can go take some "me time" but Billy refuses and finally relents after a few seconds of arguing. "Oh, go take a birdbath!" he calls after me.

Here Billy is teaching the ducklings how to walk. He starts to lead them to the park, but unfortunately, Phil (the tall duckling) trips over his own flippers and gets lost. "Oh cat tails! Where'd everybody go? I'm gonna call Aflack!" To no avail, Phillip remains lost and goes wandering.

He stumbles upon a few children playing duck-duck-goose and asks them if they know where the Good Duck-herder has gone. They don't and all agree on a direction for him to go, "He went that way!" was the general consensus. So, he takes their advise and travels in that direction.

Billy comes to ask the park rangers (Liz Wann and I) if we've seen his lost duck. We are exasperated because he of course, had to come and bother us on our only break of the day. Annoyed, I ask, "Is he real tall and lanky like?" "YEAH! That's him, where did he go?" Never seen him," I respond nonchalantly. So, Liz and I start trying to figure out which way Phil went and Billy impatiently asks, "Can you hurry up and make up my mind, I really need to find him." So we finally agree, "He went that way."

I don't have a picture for the next scene, but here's what happened. Billy found two hunters and asked them if found Phil, they could bring the duckling back to him. They agreed and found Phil, thusfotrth, bringing him back to the good Duck-Herder. Afterwards, the Duck-Herder called everyone together to celebrate the return of the missing duckling. THE END


Lydia Blizzard during Canteen time on Thursday night. Note the chocolate on her face ;)

Emma Bean petting Jer's dog, Lady.

Beckah and Anna goofing off with some of their skit's props on Friday evening.

Pastor Blizzard preaching on Romans 12.

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Greens skit was the stupidest ever!! We should have done the one we originally had! It was much better and MAY have won! Grrr!



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