Saturday, June 30, 2007

July 4th on June 30th :)

This day (June 30th), we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a July 4th celebration with dad's side of the family. Hunny (grandma) and Pa Pa (grandpa) were also present! :) Here a few pictures to show just a bit of the fun we all had together. What a blessing to spend time with the family God has granted us! Enjoy!

The honoring of our country...

Family photo-ops...

The Lyman Stone Family (Mimae and Pop Pop)

The Gene Wilbanks Family (Pa Pa and Hunny)
The Mark Schellinger Family (Erica, Aunt Rose, and Uncle Mark) The Martin Stone Family (Katy and Uncle Martin [dad's twin, can ya tell?])
The Michael Stone Family (Emily, Dad, Olivia, BB, Mom, Anna)The Doug Stone Family (Aunt Shelly, Lauren, Uncle Doug)The Jerry Stone Family (Jessie, Aunt Beth, Natalie, Uncle Jerry, Maria)

Fun Stuff...
Most of the cousins, two were still inside. Lots of girls, no? :) L-R: Lauren, Emily, Natalie, Olivia, Katy, Anna, and Erica.
Here we are again, being silly! :P

Emily and Katy smile amidst passionate pleas to do so! :D

Dad making a fashion statement. It seems this is the 'hippest' way to wear a crocheted necklace from your niece. :)

Pa Pa (Mamma's step-daddy) poses for a perfect picture. *he he*

By Schellingers!! Y'all come and see us again real soon, ya hear?? In the truck, L-R: Erica, Aunt Rose, Uncle Mark. On the truck, L-R: Dad, Mom, Olivia, Emily, and Anna. LOL!

The Stars and Stripes! May God bless America!!!

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Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there... Miss and love you all!


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