Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello everyone:
Last night around 10:00 pm, our grandpa called to tell us that our brother, Isaac Goodwin, was in a motorcycle accident earlier that evening. He is still in the hospital in Roseville, CA and our mom will be leaving on a flight in a few hours to get there. He is in severe condition with his spleen removed, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a head injury (bleeding from nose and ears), he's on a ventilator and his body is not receiving the oxygen well, and his blood pressure was low but is now at a more stable level *Praise the Lord*. Susan just called, his eyes are dialating, there is some swelling in the brain, and they pinched him and he swatted at him. PRAY!!! Pray that the Lord will would be done (Lord willing, it will be his will for Isaac to fully recover)! Thank you all so much for your friendships and willingness to pray with us!
Much love,

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