Friday, September 28, 2007

Update on Isaac...

Hi everyone,
My mom and dad along with Anna and Olivia left for the airport about 20 minutes ago. My brother, Isaac, is in very critical condition. He has a cardiac contusion (bruise on his heart), the doctors have had to recesitate him, his brain is swelling, and he as a whole and his blood pressure is very unstable. Please, please, PLEASE! keep praying for my brother and his family... My mom's flight leaves at 8:35 am. Please pray that she will have a non-eventual trip. Thank you all for your friendships, prayers, and loving support.
Much love in Christ,


Sanders Family said...

We are praying for your family. May you trust in the Lord and lean on Him for your strength.

Abbi (For the Fam)

Olivia said...

Thank you Sanders, we need all the prayer we can get! God bless!


Anna Stone said...

Dear Abbi,
We thank you and your family for continued prayers. We've had no more news since this last post, but we are waiting...praying. What ever happens we know is the Sovereign's will. He holds us in the palm of His hand.
God continue to bless you and your family, Abbi!
Love Ever,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stone Family,
We received word this a.m. about your precious brother. We have cried out in petition for him and will continue without ceasing. Oh dear Stone family our hearts are heavy with this news yet we know God is in control of all things and trust the work He is doing. We do pray with you for the Lord's healing hand in Isaac's life. May you all find comfort in the Lord this day and in the days to come during this trying time.
God bless you and comfort you,
The Glenn Turner family

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Dear Turner Family,
Thank you for your comment and prayer. Our family is very grateful. Right now I am not thinking at full am having trouble remembering why your family name sounds so familiar. Would you care to enlighten me?? :) Please forgive me for not remembering at this time. There's a lot on my mind! :) Blessings be to your family from God the Father Almighty.
In His Hand,
Anna~for the Stones

Anonymous said...

Dear Stone Family,
Ya'll are in our prayers. May God give you peace as you trust His will in your families life right know. We will continue to pray for your brother and family.
In Christ,
Jordin For the HIcks family

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Dear Jordin,
Thank you so much for your families support. Please, pray for the Lord's will. The Lord grant you peace!
Love in the Lord,

Turner Family said...

Oh sweet Anna, your thoughts have not failed you. But to provide comfort to your thoughts, our family fellowships with the home church group from Georgia. We met you and your delightful family last year during one of the men’s retreats at the home of Michael Morton. The Lord allowed my husband and I the opportunity to meet your parents and share with them during that time. The Lord instantly gave us a love for your family. Our 2 girls are younger so you probably have not had many opportunities to get to know them during your visits to the Georgia Fellowship. However my oldest, Emily (9yo), says she remembers you and your sisters. This situation with your brother Isaac is all too familiar with our family. We went through this tragedy with our dear nephew last year around this same time of the year. So our hearts know what you and your family are experiencing at present. Prayers are what sustained us during those difficult days. We are continuing to cry out for Isaac. And our prayers are also being lifted for your family and Isaac’s family. May the peace that passes all understanding cover and comfort you and your family during this difficult time.
In Christ’s love,
The Glenn Turner Family


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