Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Voyage to the Youth Convention & Touring D.C.

On December 30th; Daddy, Emily, and I traversed the eastern seaboard terrain in a long journey to Baltimore, MD. Our trek, however, took a detour to VA first to stay the night with a host family before trekking onward and upward. :) Above (or is it below?) are the pictures of our time at one of our host family's favorite eateries...The Silver Diner.
Our driver, doing what he does best!
The Silver Diner...obviously! ;)
Daddy in front of the eatery.
Making a song selection. In the right side of the picture, we see Daddy's hand gesticulating about how these musical contraptions used to be the rage in his day.
Daddy and Eric. We stayed with Eric and his brother's family the night past. The arrangements were lovely and we are very grateful!
Look at 'em muscles!!!

After parting ways at breakfast time, we headed to D.C. for some capitol sightseeing! What a lovely time was had. Here are pics from our lovely jaunt.
On our way to the District of Columbia
Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial
Smithsonian Institute of...Something (?)
The mall...it looks like the color of the road is split just down the middle
So begins our family photo-shoot in front of the Capitol building...

...And so ends our family photo-shoot. :D :D :D
Washington Monument, meet the Stone Monument. :D :D
Shadows on the steps
Emily and I
Another view of the Smithsonian.
Daddy wonders if they are rewriting American History during the renovation.
Hmm, they're admitting that they don't even understand how evolution could have started on it's own in the first place. Interesting.
Daddy with some iron man...Harry Winston, methinks.
The Hope Diamond, 45.2 karats of shiny...rock.
Daddy and Emily with a Giraffe skeleton. We took this picture for Olivia who loves Giraffes.
Later in D.C. we met up with the Blizzard family and Hailee Mann. Clockwise from the top: Peter, Sharon, Hailee, Emily, me, Matthew, Miss Susan, and Anna :)

Leisurely sauntering down a gravel path
Sunset in our Nation's Capitol
And...another view of the Smithsonian. I couldn't help it!!! The building is so magnificent, 'twould be a shame not to take several pictures of it!
One last view of the Capitol building.
Bye D.C.!!!!

On to Baltimore we go...


Lizzy said...

I loved the shadow pics so creative!
Seems like ya'll have been quite busy lately!
love and miss ya!


Katie said...

DC is so cool... I went there when I was 12 and would love to go back someday and see if it's changed any :) You're a great photographer, whoever took those pictures (Anna, I think, but don't know for sure). We love and miss you all!

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Well, you two, all the photography credit (at least of D.C.) must be given to Anna. She is quite the photographer in our family!
I miss you two too! :D

BekahDan said...

hello! In that foot picture, I am perty possitive that is Em's foot, not Aunt Susies!! lol!! Aunt Susie wasn't wearing a skirt, but Em was! :D :)


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