Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Youth Convention - Part I

Here we are at church!!!!!!!!!!!

An inside view of Pilgrim Bible Presbyterian Church. 'Twas lovely!
There was lots of Cheese-ing goin' on!
Sharon pontificating about some picture or another. :)
Here is Dad's first attempt at taking a picture with the camera above his head. It's great except he kinda' missed our heads. :D
There we go! L-R: me, Danielle, Heidi, Katrina, Madelin, Meghan, Emily, Anna and Miss Susan
Hello Hailee! How are you this fine evenin'?
Emily and Sharon smile for a pic, taken with my pirated camera.
Smile Sharon!! :D

The following pictures are of New Year's Eve at the Henderson home. We had us a blast, we did!
And so we wait for 2008... Our little group of Henderson home stayer-inners. We were: Emily, me, Rachel, Christy, and Madelin.
To pass the time, we took some random pictures. This one shows the diversity of pajama pant fabrics. Music notes, love-struck Eskimos, peppermint candy, and floral prints are all the rage I see.
My 'non-patterned', denim-skirted knees ;)
Almost there...!!!!!!!
...4, 3, 2, 1HAAPPPYYY NNEEEEWWWWW YYEEEEAAAAARRRR!!!!! Okay everyone, run outside!

We welcomed the new year by banging on pots with spoons.
Bang bang, klink, bonga, klang, ding dong, rat-a-tat-tat, smash, klunk...accompanied by lots of shouting! :D
Our merry band. All are present, except for Rachel. She didn't come out on account of not wanting to dirty her socks. Tsk tsk! ;)
Madelin, Mrs. Henderson, and Christy huddle to generate some relative warmth while watching the soda bottle bombs explode. That was really neat to witness!
Banging on pots and pans to celebrate New Years. Hmm...what a phenomena, I'd never heard of such a thing in my life. Everyone else seems to know about it though...sigh...where have I been these 18 years past?!?! :D
Mrs. Henderson and Annie after the early morning festivities. Happy New Year!!!!!
Yeah...Happy New Year. I'm going to bed!
Goodnight Emily. You've been a real trooper!

The next day, Pastor Burd (of our host church), took us to see a centuries-old landmark. This stone was most likely erected in the time of General Washington (afore he turned President).
On this stone is etched the "Cursed be he who removes his brother's ladmark..." scripture passage.
Daddy attempting to decipher the weather-worn words of wisdom.
My glove bedeked hand upon the stone of old.
Anna, one of the last of our party to touch it.
A view of the church's parking lot...fascinating!
Mr. Nathan waitin' in line for the viddles.
Mmm, jello puddin'
Danielle and MEL (Meghan Elizabeth Landry ;)
Miss Heidi Martin and my Emmy!
Here, we find a musician of the humblest means, trying to carve out an honest living in this cruel world. The bittersweet melodies waft through the air.
Astounded by his melodramatic playing and the beauty of his compositions, lookers on are compelled to support the poor man in his gifting. Change, bills, anything is strewn at his side...a small token of their thanks for his lowly gift. He is ecstatic...blessed!
At first, the man humbly attempts to decline the generosity. His plea: that his music gives him joy, and that is payment enough.
BUT...After much encouragement and praise, he reluctantly accepts the donations.
**In the pictures above, Pastor Len was just practicing on the auto harp. A group of us thought it would be fun to give money as a joke. It seems he found the prank rather hilarious. We had many a good laugh from this little escapade! :D**
Cousins (Katie and Anna) smile whilst Nathan leaves his mark in the snapshot. I can't decide whether he is shouting or just making a face.
Lady Emily gracefully descends the steps to the ever aromatic dinner hall.
Mr. Blizzard and his marvelous daughter. We very recently noticed the lights above his head...believe me...that was not intentional. :) I seem to have a knack for these unintentional silly pictures. : /
I was trying to get Danielle to turn around and smile with me for the camera. However, she is one of those "camera elusive" people and simply would not turn about...even under extreme duress. :D
Boys will be boys
Music Makin'
My Knight.
The night before we traveled to Philadelphia, Emily tried on various layers she planned to wear on the 'morrow. (I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! 'Tis hilarious!)
Doesn't she look well insulated?



the one and only! said...

very nice Anna! (And just for the record it is Megan not Meghan! lol!) We had a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I was just hugging you in that picture...... :D

Smiley Blizzard =) said...

wow, that brings back some good memories! I am such a smiley!!!


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