Friday, January 11, 2008

Youth Convention - Part II

On our way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!!!

Driving, driving, driving...nigh unto an hour and a half did we drive.

Emily thought this was a magnigicent mural. The whole time I was trying to get a decent picture of it, I could hear her questions,"Anna, are you taking a picture?" or "Look! Did you see that, Anna?'' or "Anna, did you get a picture???" She was relieved when my answer was affirmative. :D
The Liberty Bell
The troup

Pastor Jim Blizzard standing on a bench making an announcement.
A homeless person keeping their feet warm.
Yo Nathan.
Here is the picture you requested, Matthew! I hope you like it. :D

My ever-faithful purse carrier! Thank you Dad!!!

Skippin' along
Emmy ;)
Hey, where's the food?
Some random people taking pictures of President Washington
The abode of the lady who first constructed our nation's flag, Mrs. Betsy Ross.
Miss Madelin by the Irish Memorial
Emmy darlin', the social butterfly.
My first picture of an alley. Spoooookkkeeeyyyyyy!
Look, it's the Leaning Church of Philly! *ha ha...ahem*
Wing-flaps...check...ready for take off, over. :D
A Resting Place...
The man 'imself...Benjamin Franklin ;)
Who is that masked woman?? Oh, 'tis the half frozen Danielle. I love your new look, dear! LOL!
Ms. Susan and I were laughing hysterically when I took this picture. Whenever she would try to swat her hair down away from her face, it woul stick to her cheeks and chin again. The dry air was certainly conducting lots of static electricity. :D
Back at church...
The stain glass window in the Pilgrim Bible Presbyterian Church: Declare His Glory!

The Youth Choir
Directed by Pastor Len Pine
Singing: Lovely Child, Holy Child
Abba Father
The talented musicians
Our esteemed panel of pastors and elders. At this point in the conference, the students got to ask the teachers questions. We asked about things from a Christian work ethic to who each man would vote for for president. This was a very nice session.
One of the elders, Mr. Bean.
Our hosting Pastor, Mr. Burd.
The Lakeland church pastor, Mr. Blizzard.
A New York pastor, Mr. Pine.
The Collingswood pastor, Dr. Spencer. Zared, myself, and Madelin
Katrina and Emily
Mrs. Heather Bean and another young lady
MY TWIN!!! Not really, it's just another Anna. :D :D

Our family with Pastor and Mrs. Burd. They were such a delight, joyfully serving the Lord with all their hearts!

After the YC, we headed to our friend Paulina's grandparent's home for a night before we headed home. We had a lovely time with them. Here is a view into their kitchen. They had a very spacious home...perfect for hospitality! The food Mrs. Navarro made was delicious!
Sadly, we didn't get a picture of our host and hostess. As soon as I took the picture of the kitchen, my lense fogged up. So I snapped a still of Dad before it became impossible to see through. ;)

Daddy suprised us by taking us to the home where we lived (and I was born) in Norfolk, VA. It was lovely to see the place. We sure built memories while looking at it.
Apparently, the owners of the home have made some huge changes to the exterior. Daddy says they've taken off the old siding and moved the front door to another side of the house. They also added a chimney and a small balcony. He just couldn't believe how much everything had changed.
After a few minutes of pictures and spoken memories, we all hopped in the car. Daddy soon pulled in front of another home so he could show us what the house used to look like.
We got to this one, and he explained that the siding looked exactly like that, and the color was similar, and the garage was in the same layout, and...wait a minute...that is the house!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy was seized with a fit of roaring laughter when he realized the blunder. :D He and Isaac used to play basket ball in the driveway there. Isaac used to bury Emily and I in leaves in the front yard. Even though we didn't remember all those things, it still felt nice to be there again.
Me and Em with the right home. :D

Thus begins our final trip...Homeward Bound are we!!!
Our most faithful, loyal, devoted, masterful ya get the picture? He's good. :)
Emily thought this a most interesting name for a supermarket.

When one is shut up in a car for hours on end, one can come up with some pretty whacky pictures.

Here is a story about the life of an Almond Rock candy.
The treat is unwrapped... gaze at the nutty, chocolaty exterior...
Smell the heavenly aroma...
Taste the crunchy culinary creation... *mmm*
Simply Delicious!

Life expectancy for an Almond Rock candy in Anna's fingers: about 37.4 seconds. :P
Anna? Where's all the candy?!?!
This sign at Burger King kept us laughing for a while...we found it quite amusing!

Listening to some lively, upliftin' music. A family favorite!
Emily was having difficulty falling asleep with the sun burning in her eyes (can't imagine why ;), so she invented The Napper's Best Friend! All one must do is remove the hood from their coat, turn it about, and button it behind their head. It works quite well, so I've been told.
Note the sunglasses under the Napper's Best Friend. I wonder why that is...? Maybe they're for extra UVA protection.Still driving...

(PS) Many a'thanks to
Anna Blizzard
Sharon Blizzard
Danielle Blizzard
Emily Stone
Zared Bean
Dad Stone
and all others that I may not have mentioned
for help with the picture takin'! We wouldn't have had so many lovely pictures to choose from without you! The Lord richly bless ya!


confused said...

Ok...I am confused.....your dad stopped at the wrong house?!?! How on earth could he do that!?!?! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anna,
Great job with the posting and pictures! Thank you, thank you! I especially loved all the DC and history pictures, though that should not surprise you....Did I hear you all are having a garage sale? Hope it goes well!
Love you!
~ Box Buddy

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Dear Confused:
My dad stopped at the wrong house because he hadn't been there in twelve+ that time they have added a new stop sign. The reason he thought the wrong house was the right one is because the right house used to be at the first stop sign on that road. The new stop sign changed that. The wrong house is now at the first (new) stop sign.
Was that helpful Confused?...or did I perplex you more?? Please do let me know!
Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Our oldest daughter was born in Virginia Beach - your dads must have been in the Navy at the same in Norfolk, VA time and never knew it. What a small world.

Mrs. P. in TN

OH PS: Our family blog is:


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