Sunday, January 6, 2008

Uniting Church and Family

This November past, our family took a trip to Wake Forest, North Carolina for the Uniting Church and Family Conference put on by Vision Forum.

On our voyage up, we stopped for a rest and this brilliant, crimson tree caught our eyes.
We must have been a sight to those Northerners! A bunch of Floridians gawking at some ole red leaves. : / We stood and waited about 5 extra minutes for Momma to all but completely stuff the pages of her Bible with the captivating foliage! She could barely close it!! :)
Here's a hind view of the front seat riders. Daddy, B.B., and Momma.
Aww...po wittow B.B. wooks tie-ud!!!

Let me take a moment to introduce everyone to the Jeremiah Pechin family. This family was a true blessing to ours and a lovely example of Christian hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with this wonderful clan that our Lord is shaping into His likeness. Thank you Pechin Family!!!

During our stay, we somehow managed not to get a picture of the Pechins as a whole. So...I have scraped together an assortment of pictures to show what the entire family looks like. I am so sorry we didn't get a family picture though! Oh well, the Lord knows.
The Lord and Lady of the Manor (on the left), Mr. Jeremiah and Mrs. Kerri.
They have 5 wonderful children, with one on the way! Praise the Lord!!!
Soirsea (number 4) and Miss Moira (number 2)
Flannery (number 3) and Isabella (number 1)
And the baby on the right is Jedediah (number 5)
Hey, I didn't say they were wonderful pictures! :D

These stills were taken at the conference.
Em and Livie leisurely sauntering in a picturesque meadow.

Several speakers graced us with their presence.
Here are some of them:
Dr. Voddie Baucham
Pastor Scott Brown

Mr. Andrew Crowther led worship for all the saints gathered together.
Our Spiritual Bread.
I think Flannery got a little sleepy during one of the sessions. :)Sweet young ladies
The panel of Family Integrated Church pastors

Moira, Isabella, Olivia, and Flannery; jolly group, eh?
Spending time with two of the Hammon sisters, Godly young women are they! Their father pastors a family integrated church.
Yea, hooray, and Amen...people from Florida!! And not just anywhere in Florida...less than an hour away! Mr. and Mrs. Orenczak smile for us.Ahem, a random picture of Olivia's footsie. LOL!
Another young lady from Florida. This is Miss Lauren Hope, she and her family live just over an hour North of us. We so enjoyed talking with her!
Okay, from left to right, we have: Moira, Melissa, Flannery, Olivia, Charlotte, Annie, Alena, Isabella, Niecie, and Andre. *gasp...pant*

On our last evening, we had a glorious group of people gathered in the Pechin home. In attendance was the Mark Pethel family (Tennessee), the Noah Orenczak family (Florida), Mike Griggs (Florida), the Michael Stone family (Florida), and...of course...the Jeremiah Pechin family (North Carolina).
The gang!!
Another snapshot, plus Mrs. Pechin and minus Mike Griggs. Many thanks to the Lord for the fellowship of His saints!
And, for entertainment this evenin', we have the Dynamic Duo of Mr. Pechin and his daughter, Isabella. She shall be gracing us with her piano forte skills and he his own thing. :)
Graceful Fingers
Hello Mr. Pethel! Havin' a nice evenin' are we?

Gettin' the grub...
...and eatin' the grub! ;)

And Opera number!!! Precious Faith!

On the way home (Sunday night), we met up with the Orenczak family and had a lovely dinner at...WENDY'S!!!
Here's the family...

On the left: Claire, Mrs. Orenczak, Momma, and Emily...On the right: Providence, Mr. Orenczak. Daddy, myself, Elise, and Kathleen...Olivia was taking the picture.

Arm Wrestling Match
The sweet promise of food! A lively conversation with Miss Claire. She told me all about the time her sister lost a tooth. :D
Behold! This is my most favorite Olivia in the whole wide world!!!

Headin' Home...

Daddy and Momma

Emily Sweets
Livie and Me

We were all quite spent but so happy to have attended the conference! The Lord has richly blessed our new friendships that were made. We give thanks to Him and praise His holy name!

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit." Philemon 1:25


Katie said...

What fun! Like-minded friends are such a joy... Praise God for giving so many to you! Blessings, love and hugs from the Cochran family!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anna,
Thank you for the slideshow so we can see what ya'll did in NC! Looks like a lot of fun fellowship. :) Who won the arm wrestling match? Oh, and I see a small problem with the Wendy's sign. Yikes. :)BTW, I think you spelled "Flannery" wrong twice. Hee, hee! Sorry, I just wanted you to know. Love you! Can't wait to see pics of Maryland!
~ Jean Marie

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Hey Jean,
That is the way the Pechins spell Flannery. I'm only followin' suit!! :) We're really happy you enjoyed the post! Pics of Maryland are soon forthcoming! Love you so much Box Buddy! ;)
~Anna :D

Anonymous said...

tick tock tick tock! Where are they! Nathan and I are waiting...patiently may I add! :D *smile* (You should know who this is!!!!!!!!!!!)

Emily =D said...

*hmmm....* okay, either Sharon or Danielle... Am I right, am I right =D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Box Buddy!
Whereth art thou mine sweet Maryland pictures! I am longsuffering, thus, right now I am suffering long! *Sniff!* And to the Second-born, thank you for holding my jacket, I'll get it one of these days! Ha. :)
Love you all, dearies,

My Redeemer Liveth said...

Lovely. Lovely, lovely!
It's happy I am to know I'm such a desired blogger! :D
Well, it's either that...or...y'all just want to see the Baltimore pics already!
Never fear my comrads! All is not lost!!!
The pics are soon forthcoming, provided I find a few spare minutes. Hey, it's busy running a household with one's family. ;)

Anonymous said...

You raise me up!!!! So I can stand on ...water? Um, seas? Oh, right, mountains! So lovely singing with you girls tonight. I lovest thou, sweet maidens!

Anonymous said...

O, Maryland pictures, O Maryland pictures, thou art so long in coming! O, Maryland pictures, O Maryland pictures, why art thou not appearing?
We long for newness on the blog, in the form of scenery digital!
O, Maryland pictures, O Maryland pictures, please entreat thine owner!


the one and only! said...

do-do-do-do do-do-do! do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do.......(I think you get the point!!!) :D *smile*

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anna,
Post some pictures of zee goaties! I NEED to see zee goaties! I miss Nellie and Flopsie! So-post me some pictures, please? :) Cheese... :)
Love you,
Jean Marie

P.S. I hope something happens soon! The suspense is driving me CRAZY!!!

jpechin said...

Wow. Am I really that wierd? :-)


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