Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last night (June 16th) we had a torrential downpour. Daddy called from work and asked me to take the garbage out early this morning. When I got to the road. I took one look across the street, turned tail and sprinted back to the house for my camera.
This is what I saw. I snapped this picture just moments before a cloud was blown away and the light changed from a golden hue to a whiter light...
...like this. Sigh.
A view down our street. The goats like to eat early in the morning when it is cool. Here we find Lyman (brown) and Duncan (white).

Hazy morning light...
A string of fence posts...
Clinging dew drop...
Imagine...you are standing under a tree. All around, you hear the sound of left-over rain and morning dew dripping from the surrounding trees. In the background, birds sing their morning melodies and they echo through the surrounding countryside. An occasional cat's meow greets your ears. A butterfly flits past you on yellow and black wings.

Behold, it is very good!
Just as you are lifting thanks to God for His marvelous creation...
...a helicopter soars overhead, drowning out the morning symphony with its infernal chopping. You laugh at the irony. Then, as quickly as it had come, the aircraft is gone. You are again free to revel in the music of morning. :)

A back view of our property...
The ever-faithful follower, Mr. Bingley.
A spider guarding her web in the grass.
Doesn't this look like a scene from Pride & Prejudice? I can just hear the Dawn piano arrangement playing in the background.

So, we live in Florida. Sure it rains like cats and dogs sometimes. We get bombarded by hurricanes almost every season. It gets so hot and muggy we think we can't breathe at times, and, it feels as though we're wrapped with a wet blanket when we walk outside. Of course all of these 'cons' to living in Florida seem a bit overwhelming...but then...God sends the rain and cooler weather to revive us and the planet He created. We can look on days such as this as a blessed break from the 'cons', a gift of renewal. Take time to thank Him for occasional cool mornings, refreshing the earth and our souls. It's in simple ways like this that the Creator blesses His people.



Jean Marie said...

Yes, of course you can hear "Dawn", I am playing it, a few short miles away! Wait, not at that hour. :) The pictures are gorgeous, I cannot wait to get my Canon, and we'll have a sleepover, get up way early and shoot together! SUMMER IS HERE! The first one is 5 stars, really good, I love it. And I'm the one that cruises 10 photography blogs every day! Lovely, Anna, and the last one, all we need is Mr. Darcy and Lizzie!

Oooh, look, long comment! Good for me. I really enjoyed the wedding pictures too, it looks like a wonderful time. I wonder if Rachel was expecting to be dipped down, I would probably be quite surprised! That is so funny about the grandfather...ha, ha, ha!

Love you Stones, see you when I get back from MO. God bless.

~ Jean Marie

Katie said...

Oh, Anna, how very lovely. You have such a wonderful camera! I loved the picture of your cat--and his name! Pray tell, is YOUR Mr. Bingley as charming as that man in Pride and Prejudice? I am reading that book again for like the fourth time and it's as good as ever. We're about to watch the movie again soon too. Love and miss you!

Lizzy said...

I could like so paint that first pic!
missin' you!



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