Monday, June 16, 2008

Wedding Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the Wedding Celebration of Andrew Blizzard to Rachael Haake. The joyous event took place at 3 o'clock p.m. June 14th. With guests smiling, chatting, the service was light and happy. God smiled down on the day Andrew and Rachael covenanted before Him.
Beaming faces greeted each person as we waited for the ceremony.

The church was decorated to a perfect 10...just lovely.
Soothing music enveloped us all as we entered into the sanctuary. Well done, Emily and Miss Susan!
Yards of tulle cascaded down from the ceiling to the chandeliers, creating a cozy yet formal effect.
Bows graced each pew down the center aisle.
Mother of the Bride.
Mother of the Groom.
Jimmy pulling his little brother Isaac down the aisle, the ring bearers.
Shortly after the above picture, Jimmy threw down the handle of the wagon and charged back down the aisle crying. His loving mother was waiting with open arms.Laughter bubbled from almost everyone. It was so sweet.
Unrolling the runner.
The first flower girl. I think she was a sister of the Bride.
Lydia Joy, sister of the Groom.

The air fills with the elegant music of Pachebelle's Canon.
The bride and her father emerge...
A collective gasp escapes from the cloud of witnesses...
The groom beams as both father and daughter exchange a loving embrace.
The Groom's men look on.
Bride's maids gazing.
Saying the vows.
After the exchange of rings.
Making a covenant before God.
Lighting the unity candle.
The Prayer was sung and played in honor of the Bride and Groom.
The first kiss as man and wife. Here we find Andrew in the process of dipping Rachael almost to the floor which gained a burst of chuckles from us...and...
...a hilarious gaze from the Groom's grandfather. After several moments of this amusing stare, Pastor Blizzard announced..
..."I'm shocked!!" The declaration set us guests nearly off our seats with roaring laughter.
Presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew John Blizzard.
Sharon and Timothy Blizzard, brother and sister of the Groom.
And, we're the reception site.
Matthew, Rebekah and Olivia peering over the handrail.
The reception hall, brimming with loved ones.
May I help you gentlemen? A bowl of chili, perhaps? :)
Mingling guests.
The Groom and most of his men.
The ever-faithful videographer, Matthew (brother of the Groom).
Daddy and Emily. (She took all of these reception pics.)
Chatting with Amy and Katie DeWitt. I greatly enjoyed talking with you and your family, ladies! :)
Dinner table discussions. It looks like Mrs. Hicks is enjoying herself.
Conversations by the river.
Rachael was deciding how best to throw the bouquet to the eager young ladies...
...She decided on the "Throwing-It-Straight-Back-Hitting-Someone-In-the-Face" approach. I hear it all worked out very well. LOL! :)
Momma decorating the getaway car. It looked right spiffy when all was said and done.
Making their Grand Exit.
The happy couple needed a key for the church, Daddy was only too happy to oblige. Andrew looks thrilled, no?
Picking up the lovely mess after the Bride and Groom departed.
Lydia sporting her red fingernails. She was so proud of them. :)
A battle cry.
Olivia, Lydia and Matthew investigating a military tank.
The reception was hosted at a Veterans Memorial Park. Lovely spot, I daresay!
Sharon (T-shirt over her bride's maid gown) and me (tux jacket and vest on). What a pair we made!
Emmy and Sharon.
Post-Reception-Cleanup mingling.
Em's art. :)
Good times!
A girl and her Goldfish.
Congradulations to Andrew and Rachael. May the God of Peace bless the life they now share!

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Smiley Blizzard =) said...

that picture of Lydia with her goldfish looks like a advertisement (sp?)!! I loved that day! Thank you all for doing so much! I love you all!


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