Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barberville Fall Jamboree

Hey y'all!

Well, we did it again... we went to the Barberville Music Festival! Only this time, of course, it was the Fall Jamboree, not Spring Frolic :D

We had such a good time. Anna played two shows with her Fiddle guild, there was lots of shopping, and we got to spend time with several sweet families.

I'll be posting some pics, as you have probably guessed :)
All the "Fiddling Krickets" and their families met at the musicians entrance at 10:00 I believe.

Three little girls, Olivia and I all headed over to see Roger and Gailanne performing right before the Krickets had to play.

Jean Marie, the avid photographer. :)

A shot I "stole" from Jean Marie. I took it from a different angle, though :D Love ya, dahlin!

Anna and I, profound caption, right? :)

Jean and I, another pure genius title by Emily... *blank stare* :D

Anna and her violin.

My and Mattie's feet :)

Jean, Mrs. Hope, and Joseph eating sugar cane :)

Rebecca Foster dancing with Johnny.
Lauren barn dancing. Wasn't that fun? :)
Anna barn dancing as well :)

A candid picture, taken by Miss Mattie Amundsen. Amundsen family, I do believe you all have a budding photographer on your hands :)

The Artist herself, Mattie :)
Anna and Rebecca preparing for their second performance.
Miss Kricket, if you're reading this, you did a wonderful job organizing your group!

All the Fiddling Krickets minus Seamus who had to go to a soccer tryout.
Mrs. Chalmers and Cameron Foster were the wonderful guitarists. Good job, y'all!

Anna playing Rakes of Kildare, I believe.

The Amundsen's playing with the Katie and Joe Waller (Jackson Creek).
Mrs. Scarlet, I didn't know you play the bass! You learn something new everyday, I guess. :)

Roger tuning up.
Gailanne tuning as well.
Well, we had such a good time that occasionally, we forgot to take pictures so, that's all we have :)
Again, like I said on the Spring Frolic post... Can't wait till next time!
God bless!


Campana Family said...

Looks Like ya'll had fun!

Anonymous said...

Barberville was so much fun!
I can't wait until the spring!
Becca Foster :)

p.s. all the pictures are great.

Joseph H. said...

Great post, I love the picture of the bell. I know what you mean by "occasionally" forgetting to take pictures, I think I got at least 5 keepers :P. So I may not blog it. Then again, I may steal a few of Laurens ;).

Katie said...

I never saw the pictures we took at the beach that one day! Can you post them? Or at least send them to me :) I want to have them on my computer... Anyway, your music fest looks soooooo fun! Love you all.

Marci said...

This is so funny that we just found you. I was talking to people on Sunday about the time you came to our house and we made applesauce. You picked Olivia up to look into the hopper of the strainer and it exploded with very warm applesauce all over her head and hair and all over me. She was mad at me the rest of the day as if I did it on purpose. Have you forgiven me Olivia? Wow, your girls are gorgeous and I see they have some great musical talent. Michael and I both laughed out loud when we read your reminder of the Carla Emory story. Did you know she died about a year ago? We were just in Florida in the beginning of October. Joshua got married in DeLeon Springs. Do you have an email I can write to? Ours is mb at amazinggrazefarm dot com.


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