Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lois and Eunice

We thought about Priscilla and Aquila, but... "Nah, no good."
We thought about Half&Half and French Vanilla... "No."
Finally, we decided on Lois and Eunice.

"What on earth is she talking about?!" You may be wondering.

This morning as Olivia was going about her daily chores, she found a pleasant surprise outside...

"They're both girls!!" she called elatedly as she entered the house holding 2 BABY GOATS!

So, we named them Lois and Eunice after much MUCH debate :D

And here's little Lois! Isn't she a cutie? She would have been Aquila or French Vanilla :D

Baby Eunice! Another adorable goat! She would have been Priscilla or Half&Half... can you guess why? :D

Anna clamping the navels of the babies. This makes them less susceptible to infection.

A shot of us girls together with the babies. Oh! And Don Juan in my lap. He's a little baby we had a few weeks back. I meant to blog about it, but I just lost track of time... sorry, y'all :)

Eunice and Don Juan cuddling :)

A hind view :D

Official goat birth uniforms... Olivia and I didn't get the memo :)

Don't be grossed out by this next picture... :)
The placenta. Note the intricacy of the veins and the oxygen-rich blood packets. Now, can anyone reading this tell me now that this "thing" just evolved by happenstance? That this life source for a goat "just happened"?

Don Juan. I know this post isn't about him, but I just wanted to let y'all see a close up of this cutie!

Mrs. Morrison holding Eunice... I love this picture!

LOL! What can I say about this one?! Well, first off, goats aren't supposed to lay like that!... :D

:D Or like this in fact!

Many thanks to Jean Marie for allowing us to keep these pictures she took while here!
Thanks for stopping by!


Brad said...

Your baby goat is precious!

Lauren Hope said...

AWWWW!!! They're SO CUTE! Definitely a miracle from God, and NOT an accident! I must say, though... Even though they're both adorable, I think I'm partial to Eunice :) Her markings are very pretty!

Enjoy them!

See you soon...
Lauren <3

Jean Marie said...

What a great day...Happy birthday, Lois and Eunice! :) I'm glad we all like the pictures...I love that one with Mrs. M., too! And...I actually was in a strange sort of way...after seeing that picture for the 10th time...NOT grossed out by it. Huh. Maybe the "natural" thing is finally sinking it. :) Thanks for being so gracious in my invasion. :)

I lovest thou, all you Stones!
~ Jean Marie

Becca Elizabeth said...

Lois and Eunice, what cute names.
How did these names come to mind?
They are so cute..awwww.....I just want to come and cuddle the cute little things.Cute baby animals, one of those things that can put a smile to your face :)
Love you guys

The Stone Family said...

Well Becca,
We wanted a pair of names that went well together. Lois and Eunice are Bible names. They are Timothy's mother and grandmother respectively. We thought it'd be fun to have names with a theological twist. :)
They are SO SWEET!!! Livie and I just finished splinting Lois's left ear so it'll straighten out. Fun! :)

Laura said...

~Pictures to proclaim~

Let everything that hath breath
praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD!

~Psalm 150:6~

Joseph H. said...

Very nice! I think its cool how you guys just go outside one day and Poof! New goats! Well now quite like that but, you know what I mean! I say, its Anna that thought up the names! (I hope I'm not wrong :-/)
Giu know who ;)

Sarah said...

Hello, Stone family!
Awww...What adorable baby goats! Goats have some of the most adorable of animal babies (In my opinion at least) ;)
It was so great to meet y'all at the conference!
In Christ,
For the Dischers

Katie said...

What, um, fun! :0 Love you all...

Emily Elizabeth said...

So I'm definitely thinking Eunice is my favorite. I had a most wonderful mii character at my friend's house on her wii named "Unice" (we spelled it wrong hahaha) so I'm kind of partial to that name now. :D
I love them, they're so cute.

Emily Elizabeth

Marci said...

It is so fun to see you enjoying goats and all you do. It takes me back to the days you would come to my house and long for animals. :)

Mrs. Stone said...

Emily Elizabeth...

Actually, I prefer your spelling of "Unice"!

The other night I kind of zoned out and for some reason, out of the blue just as we had arrived home from a shopping trip, I exclaimed, "We have our "U" name - Unice is spelled with a "U"!! My very good spellers quickly reminded me that Eunice is actually spelled with an "E". I agreed but said I thought it would be o.k. to spell her name with a "U" However, I was democratically outvoted. :(

You may be asking yourself, "Why on earth would she care 'how' the name is spelled?". Let me explain...

As you know, we have kids named Anna, Emily, Isaac and Olivia...almost all of the vowels in our alphabet! Now, this was not done on purpose, but ever since the day I realized we had done it, I've been looking for some way to complete the notorious VOWEL LIST by adding a "U" name to our family kids (I was thinking I would have to wait for more grandkids - Lord willing - and that could be a long wait)!

Since a baby goat really is a 'kid', spelling and using "Unice" as the name would finally complete the 'kid' VOWEL LIST!!

I really don't want to insist on the spelling, so we have decided to let our readers decide - Eunice or Unice!!! What do you think?

I also tried to get our family to change our sweet little Shitzu's name to Ursula, but no one wanted to do that either! Wonder why?

Mrs. Stone

Emily Elizabeth said...

Well, I vote: Unice!


Anonymous said...

Your goaties are soooooo cute!
Kathleen O.


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