Friday, June 12, 2009

Mad Cow Disease?

You know, I've never understood all the hub-bub about mad cow disease.
I say it's a bunch of rubbish!

They look happy to me! :)

Loooook...he's smiling! ;)

A view of the field...

I've always loved the drive past this cow pasture, especially in the morning. The sunlight in that field seems to glow...sigh. :) Mom and I were driving home and the cows were right the road! I've never seen them that close to the fence before. When we got to the house, she gave me permission to hurry back and get a few shots. So I grabbed my camera, and was off.

Thank you God for such a wonderful place to live!
And thanks Mom for giving me a few minutes to take these pics. :)


zach said...

Ya there happy they don't know how life is going to end for them@

Emily Rachael said...

Very funny, Zach!
These cows happen to be "looking-at" cows! (cows for looking at) :D
Actually... I lied! :D
I don't know what they're for, I just thought I'd be contrary :)
Nice post, sister dearest!
I lovest thou!

Kaylee said...

I love these pictures. :) Miss & love ya!


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