Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rope Swings, Smiles, and Bar-B-Que

Hello Readers! (if you're still out there :)
Last Saturday, we had a special family come a-visiting...the Browers! As I was walkin' around takin' pictures, Mrs. B. told me that their eldest daughter, Brittany, who lives in Ohio (NOT Colorado :), would love to see these.
So Brittany, here's to you and your marvelous family! Cheers!

I started out taking pictures of Providence and it was going so well...

SO SWEET!...until she realized Mum wasn't there.

Then she proceeded to scrunch up her face into one of the most adorable crying faces I've seen in a long while! :D
After several minutes of failed consolation, Emily and I handed her off to Mr. B. who comforted her with much cooing and baby-talk. :)

Then, we were off to photograph the other children playing on our rope swing in the front yard.
Dirty toes...the universal symbol of country childhood. :)

Master Brason, hamming it up!

Berri's attempt to mount the rope swing...

"One at a time y' at a time!" :D

Rope swing monkeys :)

A tangle of feet

Hey Bethany! :)

Boaz's descent

Brianna almost at the top. It amazes me how children have little to no fear of heights! :)

Trying to get inside...through the wrong door.

And again...

Our grill master, Ben, "looking natural."

Mmmmmm, BBQ chicken... :P

Provey gettin' some attention

Evidence of a meal

Brianna and Livy pose for a the prompting of an eager photographer. :D

Boaz made quick work of that chicken leg!

"Take a pictuar of me standeen up!"
Hahaa Brianna!

I still don't understand how little boys get sauce all the way up on their eyebrows! :D

Bethany's bright brown eyes :)

Sampling dinner

Food-covered fingers...the culprit?

My plate! :)


Emily concealing her bite of salad from my camera lens. heheheee!

Smile big

And I leave you with a picture of Providence that never fails to CRACK us UP!!!

There we go again! :D

Hope this post brought a smile to your faces! Thank you Brower family for a wonderful night! It was grand...good food and enjoyable company. :)
Many Blessings!

~Anna :)


Brittany said...

Anna, thank you for posting these! I do love to see pictures of my family, and they don't usually have time to send any. Those pictures of Providence are sooooo cute! And Brason looks of grown up! Good grief!
I'm looking forward to meeting you too by the way. :-) We are hoping to be able to come down in a couple weeks.

Marci said...

Hey, I like to see pictures of them too!!! Brittany doesn't live in CO though... She is up here near us in Ohio... PTL!! :)

The Stone Family said...

*head thump on desk*
You know Mrs. Blubaugh, I know Brittany lives in OHIO, I really do...I guess my brain was on auto-pilot for Colorado though! :D Big oops!
*wags finger at self*
hehheeee...sorry. :)

Kaylee said...

That baby's face is PRICELESS! How cute!

Heatheroren said...

Do they have a little girl named Providence and a boy named Boaz??? What are the chances of that!? And we thought we were so original. HA!

The Stone Family said...

They sure do! :)
<3 ya!


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