Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

Well Y'all,
Back about two months ago now, we had a historic day for our family. It was April 19th, bright, warm, and the sun was shining. For the Stone girls it was, in fact, our last day as teenagers together.
Yes, the very next day I would be turning 20, effectively abandoning my sisters in teen-hood.
We decided to photographically document this monumental day, and had a maah-vel-ous time in the process.

Mmm...country-fried footwear

Hahaa, we love Olivia's hair in this picture!!!

Havin a Red Skelton moment... :)

In which we find Olivia effectively knocking my hat off. :)

Wreathed in smiles

Sisters, Sisters...there never we such devoted sisters!

**The reason for poor picture quality is that we were sorely lacking photographic equipment that day..ahem..I couldn't find my tripod. Thus-forth-ly, I had to do some major cropping when editing, which tended to make the pics...grainy. :)**

~Anna :)


Kaylee said...

Aww the pictures are great. :D I can't believe you're 20!!! How crazy!!! MISS YOU.

Laura said...

"A Miss Stone
A Miss Stone
and A Miss Stone,...sir"

All thats missing is some mud from Meryton
on skirthems to make you look positively medieval!
...well, except for the hats :)

One thing I know,
your blessing of sisterhood will grow and grow ~
because it is rooted, grounded and watered by the Father's hand.

Beautiful femme creatures!

{{* *}}

Marci said...

I love the pictures and I can see how much fun ya'll were having!!!

Olivia Christine said...

I miss th good old days! :( JK

Brittany said...

I love the pictures! I always wanted sisters close to my age. :-) Can't wait to meet you guys this weekend!

Seasons of Life said...

Love the pictures ~ your bond as sisters comes across in each one, while showing how the Creator has made each of you unique in His image.

I pray my daughters will have the relationship that you young ladies have ~ grounded in the Father's love.

Mrs. Smith

Sharon Smily Zachary said...

these pictures are adorable!!


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