Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you say a perfect day for the BEACH!

A few weeks ago Anna, Emily, & I went out to the beach with Jean Marie!
It was so much fun! I hope you enjoy! :D

"We're on our WAY!!! "

It's the ocean! Ya!

Trying to put up the umbrella using our water jug as a sledge hammer. :D

It took us a while. :D

My shadow

My hat & the ocean! For some odd reason I like this picture! :D

Emmy :D

Anna & Jean coming back with the goodies :D

And yes, the umbrella did not stay because of the wind. :D

Here we go again...

I love this picture of Anna!

A man and his wife saw that we were struggling to put up the umbrella, came up to us and asked us if we needed help, and he helped us and the umbrella flew away no longer. :D

de Feet!

The whole gang

Jean said about her cloths, and here it is...
"The only thing I could think of was Victorian, and I stuck to it"

Sandy-footed musician :D

My sand man, Sandy

Bye Sandy... you're all washed up! :)

And a little before this picture was taken, I was bitten by a crab, and I called the crab Charlie. OW CHARLIE! Charlie bit me! :D

On our way home :(

In all it was a most enjoyable day! Spent with a friend, good old fried food, & Charlie! :D

I do love the Beach! :)

God bless!

~Olivia Christine :D


Joel said...

Great post Olivia, Nice to see people enjoying God's great creation :-)

The Stone Family said...

Thanks Joel! We had such a good time! I love the beach! :D

Shannon said...

Great pictures, and I really like the one with the hat and the beach :D I am so thankful that the Lord blessed us with an ocean to go to, it is alot of fun!

~ Shannon ~

Susan said...

Hi Olivia, This is Mrs.Sudlow
I really love your pictures. They are so fun to look at. Makes me want to go.

Becca Elizabeth said...

I love the beach too.......nothin' better :D Always a ton of fun everytime you go!

Had fun with y'all the other day at the beach! THE APPLES!!!!!!!!!!
I still think a shark might have eaten the piece you threw in the water! ;)

Love you Livs

Mom said...


You are so funny...I enjoyed reading you post!

Mom **Kiss**


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